Thursday, January 25, 2007

weekly legislative update

Again, I'm a day early but the legislature is in recess until January 29th so I know there won't be any activity tomorrow, unless its another one of those items passed months ago and only now being announced. The Pennsylvania state legislature was in session a few days this week but no bills were passed. The senate shuffled a few off to committee. The senate also introduced and adopted a resolution naming next week Catholic Schools Week. There is a note attached saying see Senate Journal for remarks. I would love to, but the last issue of the Senate Journal that has been released is Oct. 18th. I think it would be wonderful if the rest of October would be released so I could write up the October Senate Journals post. The Senate often runs a few months behind so unless we can all try to remember, in late March, to look at the January 23rd issue for the remarks on Catholic Schools Week, those remarks will have been said solely for the benefit of those on the Senate floor or the visitors' gallery that day. And, of course, reproduced for any relevant campaign literature.

Even so, they are doing a much better job that the Pennsylvania House, whose Journals normally run SIX MONTHS behind. Have I complained about this before? I think I have. Every time I see a note on a House bill or resolution that says "see remarks in House Journal" it comes to mind that half a year will probably pass before I will see those remarks. They are doing a little better recently. The three issues for July were just released, as was the issue for Sept. 25th (there were apparently none in between). I will try to have the July House Journal post for you this weekend or early next week.

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