Wednesday, January 31, 2007

September House Journals Amended Post

Note: Yesterday I posted an earlier version of this but realized I had made an error, missing one of the days the House was in session. This post is intended to replace the flawed one yesterday.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives was in full session for three days in September. As I promised I would do at the start of the fall session I am reporting mentions of legislative leaves and leaves of absence.

In reviewing the house journals I look in particular for discussion of issues. My apologies for any errors or misrepresentations. Page numbers refer to the page of the pdf files available on the state house’s website.

Sept. 25th (22 p.), leave of absence for Rep. Steil, Armstrong, and Stetler

Sept. 26th (14 p.) leaves for Rep. B. Smith (returns), TAylor, Rieger, Belardi, Civera (returns), Bishop, and Lancaster.
On pages 9 through 11 there is a discussion of homicides and police in Philadelphia

Sept. 27th (13 p.) leave of absence for Reps. Hennessey (returns), Maitland (returns), Nichol, Taylor, and Rieger. Leaves of absence for Lagrotta, Armstrong, Rooney. Legislative leave for Pallone
On pages. 9-10 there is discussion on the FAA sending more traffic for the Philadelphia Airport over Delaware County.

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