Friday, January 12, 2007

Allyson Schwartz's Victory Party

This evening I attended Allyson Schwartz’s Victory Party, though I was there for less than half of it. It was held at Finnigan’s Wake at 3rd and Spring Garden in Philadelphia. The crowd fit the room well. There were a number of people there but you could still move around easily. Her staff is crafty and writes out people’s nametags for them. This ensures that names are written legibly and large enough for people to read them. An artful dodger can still get in without acquiring a nametag or signing in but it takes a little more effort. I admire their well structured process.

The food line moved along at a good pace; the tables were arranged so that people could find a seat easily. A group I didn’t know saw that I was sitting alone and invited me to join them. I was almost finished or I would have taken them up on it. Their friendly offer was unexpected and very welcoming.

For the time I was there Congresswoman Schwartz stood in one general area and spoke to a number of people, who seemed to feel comfortable just wandering over to say hello or ask questions. I have spoken to her a few times at other events and she was very gracious this evening as she was on those earlier occasions. We spoke for just a minute or so but I felt that she listened to what I was saying. Of course I was complimenting her so listening might have been easier than if I had been complaining or taking issue.

The only other big name I saw while there was Congressman (and potential mayoral candidate) Bob Brady. This was the first time I had a chance to watch him talk with people or speak with him myself. The only other time I had seen him he was speaking to a large crowd and gave the impression of being a very forceful and outgoing. This evening he seemed, I swear, a little unsure of himself, very lowkey. He is a substantial person, but not as tall or broad as I was expecting. When I tapped him on the shoulder to say hello it was an easy reach. He was approachable and we exchanged a few words.

There was a podium set up but if there were speeches I missed them. Family obligations made my visit short.


Gort said...

I was a big supporter of Allyson in her 2000 Senate bid. I still feel she could have won that race if she got the nomination.

AboveAvgJane said...


I have a feeling you might get a second chance at that.

ACM said...

and yet, what has she done to earn our continued support? her vote on the Bankruptcy Bill alone was enough to cut off any more checks from me . . .

AboveAvgJane said...

I'm going to sit in a corner and twiddle my thumbs and let the two of you work that out.