Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New 1 is 2 Many PSA Campaign

from the inbox:

Today, Vice President Biden launched a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) encouraging men to speak up and step in if they see someone in danger of being sexually assaulted.  The PSA is being launched in coordination with the 1 is 2 Manycampaign and the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault.  Because while anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, some are more at risk than others:  1 in 5 women is sexually assaulted while in college, and young women, ages 16 to 24, experience the highest rates of sexual violence at the hands of someone they know.  The PSA, produced by the White House, features several film and television actors, President Obama, and Vice President Biden.  It encourages men to be part of the solution by delivering a simple message:  “If she doesn’t consent – or can’t consent — it’s a crime . . . and if you see sexual assault happening, help her -- don’t blame her —and speak up.” 
The PSA will air in select Regal Entertainment Group and Cinemark movie theaters, over NCM Media Networks’ Lobby Entertainment Network (LEN), and in movie theaters on military installations and ships underway worldwide starting in May.  Joining the President and the Vice President in the PSA are Daniel Craig, Seth Meyers, Benicio Del Toro, Steve Carell and Dulé Hill.
Click here to watch the 60-second PSA.
Click here to watch the 30-second PSA.
Click here for more information about the Administration’s efforts to combat sexual assault.

Quotes from participating actors:

Benicio Del Toro“This PSA is about reaching out to people and letting them know that there is an epidemic of sexual assaults. Those who commit sexual assaults will be condemned, whoever they are. The PSA also encourages any witness to such acts to speak up, do the right thing, and be a hero.  It is about protecting and respecting our loved ones--our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and girlfriends.” 
Dulé Hill 
“One sexual assault is one too many. My desire for this PSA is that it will heighten awareness and in turn be a catalyst for more prevention.” 
Daniel Craig
“I am honored to be part of such an important and crucial project. The message is clear and simple; everyone has a responsibility. There are no exceptions. There are no excuses.  Please watch it and pass it on.” 

Kate Michelman Honored

from the inbox:

The Women’s Law Project yesterday announced the establishment of the Kate MichelmanLegacy Fund, dedicated to advancing the ongoing work of protecting the reproductive freedom of women in Pennsylvania and beyond.
 Kate also received the 2014 Myra Bradwell Award, which recognizes individuals whose work symbolizes the spirit and determination demonstrated by Myra Bradwell, a 19th Century feminist who broke down barriers that prohibited women from practicing law. The Honorable Edward G. Rendell presented the award to Kate, calling her “a fearless leader who transformed the debate in the United States about a woman’s right to choose as a fundamental American liberty.” 
“We couldn’t have found a recipient for the Myra Bradwell Award who better exemplifies the dedication and passion that Kate has brought to the fight for women’s equality these past 45 years,” said Carol Tracy, Executive Director of the Women’s Law Project. “Her personal tragedy, rather than defeating her, instead propelled her to the front lines, where she served as President of NARAL Pro-Choice America for nearly two decades.” 
At the Myra Bradwell Award & Reception last night at Duane Morris in Philadelphia, the founding donors for the Kate Michelman Legacy Fund were announced, including Mardi Kildebeck of the Mary Wohlford Foundation and Dagmar Dolby of the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund, both of whom committed $25,000. According to Dagmar Dolby, “There’s no one better than Kate to know the history, but also to inspire the passion to fight for women's reproductive rights. She inspired me twenty years ago and continues to do so today.”
 It was announced at the awards reception that $150,000 in founding donations have been made to The Kate Michelman Legacy Fund, which seeks to raise a total of $500,000. “I chose the Women’s Law Project for this fund because its work is both on the ground and at the forefront of women’s rights. For over 40 years, they have fought generations of regressive abortion laws in Pennsylvania, twice in the United State Supreme Court. They provide expert legal counsel and guidance to abortion care providers and patients. They also work on a full range of issues affecting women’s legal, health and economic status and know all too well that giving voice to the voiceless is critical to calling attention to the continued discrimination faced by women,” said Kate Michelman.
Kate Michelman, the deserving honoree at last night’s event, stated, “I am so humbled to be a part of the ongoing work of the Women’s Law Project through the Kate Michelman Legacy Fund.” She continued, “In 1969, I had a personal, economic and health crisis that I decided to resolve by seeking an abortion. Under the extremely restrictive laws of Pennsylvania, I was utterly alone. Today, I need your help to make sure that women in Pennsylvania - who now face threats to their reproductive rights and health - are never alone. That’s why the Legacy Fund, and the work we will be able to do as a result of our generous donors, is of such critical importance.” 

Cickay Launches Cickay Running Campaign

from the inbox:

Although a newcomer at running for political office, Steve Cickay, currently the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania District 10 State Senator, has been running for most of his life. “I started running on my high school cross country team at age 11, and that was the start of a great lifetime habit” said Candidate Steve Cickay, who is now age 59 and still running. Steve did his last marathon 10 years ago in New York City, but still can be seen on the local 5K running scene. “Running has kept me fit and focused and has taught me important life-skills related to perseverance, going the distance, and accomplishing objectives.” 
            During a recent run along the Delaware River towpath, Candidate Cickay came up with the idea of combining his two passions of politics and running. He is, therefore, launching on May 10 in Doylestown his CICKAY RUNNING CAMPAIGN as part of his race for state senate. Steve and his supporters will be running on May 10 at 9:30 AM in the “Run, Walk & Roll 5K “which is part of the spring Bucks 5K Series (www.bucks5kseries.com). Rumor has it that his supporters will be getting some new “CICKAY FOR STATE SENATE” T-shirts if they finish the race. “Running in 5Ks is not only a great way to stay healthy, but also an opportunity to support some great causes for the local community. Of course by launching this running campaign, I hope to increase awareness of my state senate campaign and talk directly to voters after the races. But more importantly, I hope to encourage more runners to contribute to these worthwhile causes” says a hopeful and optimistic Cickay. The May 10 race supports teacher grants for students with special needs.
             Cickay hopes many runners will attend this race and wants to run in every 5K in District 10 between now and the November 4th election. Next up are the two remaining races in the spring series, the May 24 Doylestown 5K and the June 7th Chalfont Challenge. Check out his Facebook Page “Steve Cickay for State Senate” for his future 5K running schedule and join the fitness fun.  Cickay hopes to see many of you on both the campaign and road race trails in the near future!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Allyson Schwartz TeleTownhall Meeting This Evening

This evening Allyson Schwartz, 13th district congressional representative and candidate for governor, held a teletownhall meeting.  Unsuspecting Pennsylvanians all across the Commonwealth were quietly fixing dinner when the phone rang.  A recording said to hold on the line and the listener would be connected to a teletownhall.  Sure enough the Congresswoman came on the line.

She spoke about her record, with an emphasis on health care, her work on the CHIP program for kids, her support for the Affordable Care Act, and her work with the Philadelphia Health Services Department.

This was a relatively short call, with eight questions from people around Pennsylvania.  The first was on fracking.  Schwartz said she would maintain the 2% impact fee for local communities and add a 5% extraction fee.  That would put Pennsylvania in the mainstream -- West Virginia has a 5% tax, Texas 7%, and Oklahoma 7.5%.  She would use the money for education, universal pre-K, new energy (hydro, wind, and solar), and infrastructure.

In answer to a question on minimum wage she said she would support it, as well as pay equity for women.

A blind woman talked about losing her job at a call center and the trouble she is having finding another company willing to pay for the adaptive technologies she needs to work.  Schwartz talked about the cuts Gov. Corbett has made, and said if the caller is a congressional constituent she should call her office.

There was a question on her ad saying she would break up the "old boy's club" in Harrisburg, and asking how she would do that.  Schwartz said she would create relationships, not try to make friends and that she would speak to the public.

A woman on the school board of a small school district in a rural area asked about education funding.  Schwartz said she had been the Democratic chair of the State Senate Education Committee for 10 years.  She worked for a fair funding formula, and that education would be her top priority.

She is in favor of marriage equality.

She is in favor of an infrastructure bank, using money from fracking tax for infrastructure, and making smart sustainable choices in transportation projects.

A woman from Scranton asked what Schwartz would do to help the economy in that area.  Schwartz talked about building up assets, like colleges, medical systems, and tourism.  She said we shouldn't just try to find one company or employer to come in.  She also mentioned the possibility of passenger rail service to New York City or Philadelphia.

The call ended after that question.

SEPTA Budget Meetings

from the inbox:

– SEPTA will hold two public hearings on Monday, April 28 regarding the Fiscal Year 2015 Capital Budget and Fiscal Years 2015-2026 Capital Program – a proposal to tackle the transit system’s most pressing needs with an infusion of new state funding. The hearings will be held at SEPTA Headquarters, 1234 Market Street, with sessions at 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

SEPTA’s capital budget funds initiatives such as infrastructure improvements and the purchase of new bus and rail vehicles. The $571.8 million Fiscal Year 2015 proposal represents a significant increase over recent years, thanks to the approval by the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Gov. Corbett last November of Act 89, which provides a dedicated, long-term funding solution for transportation infrastructure investments in Pennsylvania. 

Act 89 will allow SEPTA to launch its “Catching Up” program, which includes work on critical infrastructure such as power substations, bridges, track, maintenance facilities and passenger stations.  In addition, SEPTA would initiate the process for replacing trolleys and Regional Rail cars that are well past their useful service lives, while also expanding capacity to address ridership growth and  improving accessibility. 

The Fiscal Year 2015 Capital Budget would continue funding for the New Payment Technology project – or “smart-card” fare system, which is expected to begin its initial rollout on buses, subways and trolleys later this year. Resources would also be dedicated to expanding SEPTA’s hybrid bus fleet, overhauling existing vehicles and ongoing work related to the federally mandated Positive Train Control signal system. 

The full Fiscal Year 2015 Capital Budget and Fiscal Years 2015-2026 Capital Program can be viewed and downloaded online at http://www.septa.org/reports/pdf/capbudget15.pdf.

SEPTA riders and other local residents are invited to ask questions and learn more about SEPTA’s capital program at Monday’s public hearings. Comments can also be submitted in writing through May 2. For more information, please see the hearing notice at http://www.septa.org/notice/capital.html. An independent hearing examiner will review testimony and submit a recommendation prior to the SEPTA Board’s vote on the proposal, which is expected at its regular monthly meeting on May 22.

For more information about SEPTA, please visit http://www.septa.org/

CeaseFirePA Report of Gubernatorial Candidates

CeaseFirePA, a gun safety organization, has released a print ad and the report it is based on, for the governor's race.  The full report is a 14 page pdf.  All candidates, Corbett, Guzzardi, McCord, McGinty, McCord, Schwartz, and Wolf, are listed, though not everyone responded to every question.  (Corbett and Guzzardi did not respond to any of the question.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Philadelphia NOW Endorses Jared Solomon in 202nd House District

Philadelphia NOW has endorsed Jared Solomon for State Representative in the 202nd district.

Nina Ahmad, Ph.D., President of Philadelphia NOW, issued the following statement on the group's endorsement: “Jared Solomon is unequivocal in his support for women’s rights -- especially about economic empowerment and crafting meaningful legislation to quell domestic abuse and sexual assaults. Given the current repressive environment in the Pennsylvania Legislature and its ”War on Women”, Philadelphia NOW is focused on endorsing candidates, such as Solomon, who support women’s rights without regard to political expediency. As a lawyer and community organizer, Solomon has a record as an advocate for more accessible healthcare, sound educational reform and immigrant rights.”

Jared Solomon accepted the endorsement stating: “I was raised by a single mother. I understand women’s economic security is fundamental to women’s rights. There is a movement afoot nationwide and in Pennsylvania to deprive women of their rights. I will fight to safeguard their rights including access to reproductive healthcare. I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of Philadelphia Chapter of NOW. Knowing their history and legacy of fighting for women’s rights, I will honor this trust placed in me and pledge to be an advocate, an ally and fight for women’s rights on all fronts.”

Philadelphian Amy Jones Honored

adapted from a press release:

On Thursday, April 24th, the White House and U.S. Department of Health & Human Services will honor 11 advocates and community leaders as “Champions of Change” for their work to educate Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders about the Affordable Care Act. The event will celebrate the leadership, commitment, and hard work of navigators, consumer assisters, community health centers, and other individuals or organizations that have focused on ensuring that AAPIs fully benefit from health reform.

The Champions of Change program was created as an opportunity for the White House to feature individuals doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities. To learn more about the White House Champions of Change program and nominate a Champion, visit www.whitehouse.gov/champions.

Among those being honored:

Amy Jones, Director of Health & Social Services, Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Association Coalition (SEAMAAC), Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

Amy is a licensed social worker who has worked with immigrant and refugee communities in Philadelphia since 2008. At SEAMAAC, her primary role is to assess the health and social needs in Philadelphia’s Asian immigrant and refugee communities; design, fundraise for, and implement programs to address these needs; and provide support to staff, interns, volunteers, and community leaders to advance the condition of immigrant and refugee families’ lives in the United States. Amy is particularly committed to finding creative and empowering solutions to best reach AAPI communities with culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach and enrollment activities. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Notes from Willow Grove NAACP 13th Congressional Debate (3/17)

It has taken quite awhile to get these debate notes written up.  Some weeks ago I attended a 13th congressional district debate featuring 3 Democratic and 1 Republican candidates.  Initially questions were aimed at one candidate but later questions were opened up to all the candidates.  There was not a moderator per se, and many questions came from the audience.

As always, this is not intended to be a transcript but are merely notes I took during the debate.  I have made an effort to capture the gist of questions and answers but interested voters are encouraged to contact individual campaigns with questions.  My apologies in advance for any errors or misconceptions.

Willow Grove NAACP 13th Congressional Debate

March 17, 2014
First Baptist Church of Crestmont


Opening Statement [arrived late and missed some of these]

Q1:  to BB, about legislation on protection from abuse orders

BB:  I introduced a 5 bill package changing responses to domestic violence (92% of domestic violence victims are female).  Good friend of mine and my chief of staff victimized.  Today we make a victim render service to her attacker with protection from abuse order.  The bottom line – make it easier for victims to come forward.  Among women aged 15-44 domestic violence is a leading cause of death.  Every other day in PA a woman died because of domestic violence.  The bill is moving forward.  Majority of homeless are women, women with children are often homeless because of domestic violence.

Q2: to DL, people who live around here more often unemployed, between 1940 and 1980 5K in prison, 1990 [missed these stats]

DL:  Sen. Greenleaf and I passed Justice Reinvestment Act, stop putting people in prison for marijuana arrests.  Decimating minority employment.  American used to think big.   The governor negotiated with Grover Norquist over what would be acceptable transportation funding.  New economy is green technology.

Q3 to VA, public education

VA:  Education is the most important thing we can do.  Distressed by education cuts.  DC should not do unfunded mandates.  NCLB does nothing.  Teachers need flexibility.  Raising a generation that can take tests but can’t learn.  Respect teachers.  Be careful of new common core.  Money going to private testing companies, get that money back to the classroom.  Make sure kids don’t come to school hungry.  Mandatory pre-K.

Q4 to BB, education, early education, achievement gap

BB:  I introduced legislation for free pre-K programs and make kindergarten mandatory.  Only 5% of 3 year olds have access to pre-K.  The return on investment on public dollars is best for early education.  The federal government has not made proper investment in education.  Why can’t we have more leadership in DC.  Falling behind other countries.

Q5 for DA:  voter id, what should federal role be

DA:  Important that every voter be able to vote.  Determined by states.  Cautious of feds determining state rules.  There should be some level of id.  18 year olds need id to buy cigarettes.  Doing something as important as voting, we should be able to prove who is voting.

DL:  Fed has huge role in fighting voter suppression.  They voted against the Voting Rights Act.  No evidence that people impersonate others at the voting booth.  ID is usually driver’s license.  Easily identifiable demographic groups don’t have a driver’s license – poor, elderly, students, who usually vote Democratic.

BB:  People have shed blood for the right to vote.  Major problem in PA is too few people are voting.  In minority with no form of early voting or same day registration.  States that have done this sine the 1970’s have no evidence of voter fraud.

VA:  Voting is most fundamental activity we can do as Americans.  Move election day to weekends.

Q6:  support US Postal Service and 6 day delivery?

DA:  as described would support USPS

VA:  Support USPS and 6 day / week delivery

DL:  Support USPS, up until 1967 the post office did simple banking.  Poor people use check cashing agencies, payday loans.  Let USPS do what they used to do.

BB:  The 2006 law has manufactured this crisis; without that law the USPS produces a profit.

Q7:  US lead in reducing greenhouse gases?

All:  yes

Q8:  Support or oppose Keystone XL:

DA:  support

VA:  oppose

DL:  oppose

BB:  oppose

Q9:  1 year universal military service

DL:  oppose, but support universal public service

VA:  oppose, but do think we need to address that most in the military do so for economic reasons, children of Congress not serving.  Make sure vets can get jobs.

DA:  could support universal service not military, concerns of infringing on individual liberties and freedoms.

BB:  could support universal service, liked Americorp.  Imagine public as part of free college education.

Q10:  partisanship, compromise

BB:  It is a serious and distressing problem.  First Democrat elected in my district.  Formed, with some GOP (Tom Murt and others), a legislative group for Eastern Montco and NE Philly.  Let’s pick out a few areas where we do agree and work together, such as transportation.

DL:  I too have tried to find opportunities to work together, for example medical marijuana for kids (epilepsy) with a Republican.  Passed B-corp bill with Senator White.  Difficult, moreso, in Congress.  Here’s why – gerrymandering.  Only person who matters is the person who draws the map.

VA:  Gerrymandering is a state problem not in Congress.  Congress partisan gridlock.  I was there recently working on the Affordable Care Act.  Women in House get together in bipartisan fashion to work on women’s issues.  Also, there are 17 doctors in the House but they do not gather in a bipartisan group. 

DA:  Gerrymandering – I agree.  Look for mutual goals.  Only restriction – can’t conflict with fundamental beliefs or principles.  Social security / medicare not properly funded.

Q11:  alcohol privatization in PA

VA:  current state liquor store system provides living wage jobs.  Keep current system.

DL:  Voted against liquor privatization.  $500 million comes to the state, where would we get that money from?  Corbett won’t let sick kids have medical marijuana but wants it to be easier to get alcohol.  Don’t believe in privatization.

BB:  On House liquor control committee.  I was against the plan to privatize.  It makes no sense economically.  It brings in $522 million in revenue.   Tom Corbett wants to sell them off for $1 billion.  It didn’t make sense from a public health perspective.  MADD and the police chiefs organization are against it.  PA has the fewest alcohol related deaths in the nation.  Part of an effort to demonize the public sector.  Before social security 46% of seniors lives in poverty, now [missed this] %.

DA:  Social Security enacted in the Depression.  I do believe in the private sector.  Like to have a government run at the local level as much as possible.  Liquor is still a state issue.  Let the state decide.  Government is an expense.  It consumes wealth. 

Q12: diversity

BB:  This is enormously important.  I grew up in a diverse neighborhood, and I’ve always had a diverse staff.  In my office we’ve helped 12,000 people.

DL:  I grew up Jewish but  don’t have a Jewish last name or Jewish appearance.  I could health things, discrimination is still a huge problem.  I watched the civil rights movement on tv.  It is still a battle, for LGBT equality.

VA:  I grew up in a community almost entirely white.  I wanted to be a doctor even though my mom asked who would marry me if I became  a doctor.  I worked in inner city hospitals and universities.  Data is staggering between care for people fo color and mor affluent areas.  People just want a fair shot at the American dream.

DA:  All men are created equal.

Q13:  term limits

DA:  I’m with ya!  Already had my career so can’t be a career politician.  Terms between 12 and 18 years.

VA:  yes, in current gerrymandered system.  If open elections we won’t need them.

DL:  Against.  In states with them there is a disaster.  You end up with a Speaker of the House who has been in office just 4 years.  I shouldn’t tell people they can’t have the representative they want. 

BB:  I ran against a 20 year incumbent.  I’m opposed to term limits.  Artificial limit on democracy.  Right cause wrong cure.  Need campaign finance reform.  For public finance system and clean money.  The Citizens United destructive effect.

Closing Statements

BB:  Thanks.  All believe in American dream.  Work hard, play by the rules, opportunity to do better than our parents.  In past 10 years the average middle class family is worse off.   The gap between 1% and 99% greater than at any point in the nation’s history.  Making less than 10 years ago with $60K in student debt.  Elect people of integrity and intelligence who have studied the issues.

DL:  Thanks.  If I were voting I’d want a Congressional representative who was progressive, have a record to evaluate them on.  I’d want someone willing to fight for lost causes, someone with vision and creativity.  I’ve demonstrated that over 12 years in office and before than an activist.  Threat to democracy in Citizens United and voter id, tipping point of climate change, your zip code determines your life, gun violence

VA:  Thanks.  I took an oath to always put patients first.  I was an economics major in college.  In the late 1990’s I took over chairmanship of department, just as Allegheny Bank went under.  The department was in debt, and I turned it around.  17% of GNP spent on health care.  I am the only candidates with recent experience in Washington DC.  I will draw on that experience to be effective in Congress.  No Congressperson does it by themselves.  It takes all of us.

DA:  Thanks.  I’m the one person here who is a businessman.  I looked at the national debt.  Afraid for the future of the U.S.  In favor of term limits, can run again after out of office for a few years.  I’m a job creator.  Fiscal policy that makes sense.  All about the American dream.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cillizza on the Ideological Middle

Chris Cillizza writes an interesting column for the Washington Post on the decreasing number of moderates in the House and Senate.  ("The ideological middle in Congress is dead.  So, who killed it?" 4/15).

One very interesting point, gerrymandering gets blamed for the increasing partisanship in the House, but it shouldn't affect the Senate as those are statewide races.  Hadn't thought of that.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sins of the Father: IRS Style

In an alarming story of government overreach and lack of accountability and transparency, the Washington Post reports a story, "Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents' decades-old debts," by Marc Fisher (4/10/14).  People are finding their tax refunds are intercepted to recompense for overpayments by Social Security going back decades, sometimes to when the person was a child and the payments were to their parents.  No proof is given that the person benefited from the overpayment.  One example given is for a woman who is charged for a nearly 40 year old overpayment, back to the time she when she was four.  Neither of her two surviving siblings, one older and one younger, were charged.

It's all because someone put a sentence into a farm bill doing away with the statue of limitations on recovering overpayments.  I really think there should be a way to find out which of our elected officials added that sentence (or which lobbyists actually wrote it and has someone add it to the bill).

This is scary.

Update:  On Monday the Social Security Administration said it would stop this practice (see "social security stops trying to collect on old debts by seizing tax refunds," by Marc Fisher 4/14).  I will want to know who started it.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

See Tracks? Think Train!

from the inbox:

It’s a matchup no person or car will ever win
— a hit from an oncoming train. Yet every day, people across the Greater Philadelphia
region attempt to beat those odds by making the risky choice of walking along train
tracks or driving through grade crossings when the gates are closing or are already down. 

“No one can outrun or outdrive a train,” said Scott Sauer, SEPTA’s director of System Safety and a board member for Operation Lifesaver Inc., a national organization dedicated to rail safety. “And no one should ever assume that there is a time when tracks are completly clear of train traffic. A train can come on any track at any time.” 
 According to Operation Lifesaver, across the country, a person or vehicle is struck by a train approximately once every three hours. In 2013, more than 908 pedestrians were injured or killed while walking on or near railroad tracks, up almost eight percent from 2012. Of the rail-related deaths, 95 percent involve drivers trying to beat a train, or people trespassing on railroad tracks. 
 “The majority of train related incidents are preventable,” said Sauer. “A moving train can’t steer out of the way of an object or person in the tracks and it takes more effort and time to slow or stop a train. By crossing the tracks instead of using a dedicated overpass or underpass or driving through the grade crossing when the gates are down, people are putting themselves in imminent, and unnecessary, danger.” 
 To remind the public that train tracks are not the place for people or cars, SEPTA is partnering with Operation Livesaver on the organization’s new “See Tracks? Think Train!” initiative. This public service campaign, which launches today, is aimed at reducing the number of pedestrian and driver injuries and fatalities around railroad tracks by highlighting risky behaviors. SEPTA’s System Safety officers will feature information from the program in the many Operation Lifesaver rail safety presentations they make across the Authority’s service area. 

For more information see:  www.septa.org/safety/lifesaver

Monday, April 07, 2014

Ruth Damsker Runs for State Senate

from the inbox:

Two term Montgomery County Commissioner Ruth Damsker announces that she will run as a candidate for State Senator in Pennsylvania’s 12th Senatorial District. Ruth seeks to replace 36 year incumbent Republican Stewart Greenleaf.

Damsker has served in Europe with the US Army Community service Program and was Cheltenham Finance Officer and Controller for 12 years as well as Montgomery County Commissioner from 2000 to 2008. In addition to her role as County Commissioner Damsker has also served in leadership roles in the American Cancer Society, Rotary International, the American Association of University Women and the United Parent Group.

Damsker is a member of the League Of Women Voters and was appointed by Governor Rendell to serve on the Pennsylvania Intra-Governmental Council on Long Term Care and the Pennsylvania Targeted Community Revitalization and Crime Prevention Committee.
Damsker will be a fresh new voice with innovative ideas. As State Senator Damsker plans to restore education funding including early childhood education for all children; introduce a fair share extraction tax on natural gas; protect state lands, forests and streams; create jobs and grow the economy of Pennsylvania by providing grants and loans for small businesses--such as those using renewable sources of energy.

“My opponent, 36 year incumbent Senator Greenleaf has gone along with the right wing agenda of Governor Corbett, voting for a $1 billion cut in education funds, supported the tax giveaway to natural gas drilling companies as well as placing state lands, forests and natural resources at risk.” said Damsker. “Greenleaf supports Republican policies which are hurting hard working Pennsylvania families.”  

A resident of Upper Gwynedd, Damsker was married to the late Dr. Jeffrey Damsker for 35 years, a Radiation Oncologist. She graduated from Temple University and has three sons, Jason, Keith and David, who are physicians and a daughter, Rebecca who is a secondary Social Studies teacher. Damsker is the proud grandmother of 6.

Philadelphia Budget Resource

from the inbox:

Council President Darrell L. Clarke has unveiled the City Council Budget Center, an online hub of documents, transcripts and video of the FY2015 City of Philadelphia budget hearing process.

Departmental budget proposals and hearing testimony, transcripts and video will be added to the City Council Budget Center –http://phlcouncil.com/BudgetCenter/ – as they become available. The City Council Budget Center also has information on the FY2015 budget hearing schedule, which is subject to change. 

Council President Clarke encouraged members of the public to use the City Council Budget Center as a tool to stay informed about the FY2015 budget process as well as opportunities to attend public hearings and testify on Mayor Nutter’s spending proposals.

CeaseFire PA Report on Gubernatorial Candidates

CeaseFire Pennsylvania, a gun safety organization, has released a 19 page pdf report on the six candidates running for governor.  Given that the two Republican candidates (Bob Guzzardi and Gov. Tom Corbett) did not respond to their questionnaire, the report focuses on the four Democratic candidates.  For those who do not want to read the entire report, the short answer is that Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and Katie McGinty both received a 100% rating, Rob McCord 84%, and Tom Wolf 79%.  You can read the full report at:


Equal Pay Day Legislation

Tuesday is Equal Pay Day, indicating that women must work a year, three months and eight days to earn as much as a man does in a year.  The bipartisan bicameral Women's Health Caucus is sponsoring two bills:

The bills are H.B. 1890 and S.B. 1212. They would update the conditions under which employers could pay different wages because of a factor other than sex. These factors would include specific, job-related attributes such as education, training and experience. The bills would also strengthen anti-retaliation protections for employees attempting to bring a pay-equity lawsuit against their employer and those who share information about their pay.

The group is also distributing an infographic showing the discrepancy between men and women's income in Pennsylvania counties.  It is available at:  http://www.pahouse.com/Photos/44201415220_EqualPayCountiesMap.jpg 

Update: Which State Representatives Post Their Monthly Expenses

Update:  Rep. Stephen Bloom was unintentionally omitted from the list.  He has been added.

In August, 2011, I posted a list of state representatives and state senators who posted their monthly expense reports.  Earlier this month I updated the list of state senators.  This evening I update the list of state reps.  In 2011 there were 20 state reps on the list, seven Democrats, and 13 Republicans.  Following my standard practice I linked to the individual legislator's sites from the www.pahouse.com and www.pahousegop.com pages.

Things have changed since 2011.  There are now four Democrats, and 22 23 Republicans.  Some of the Republican representatives use a special "monthly expenses" icon on the page, others put a tab on the left hand menu bar.  The Democrats all use the menu bar.  Seeing the discrepancy I went back and spot checked some of the Democratic sites again, just in case I had missed something.  It is possible that I overlooked a listing somewhere as I didn't review all the sites a second time but I did make an effort to be thorough.  I encourage the curious to check for themselves; if there are errors please let me know. There are several state reps running for higher office.  Interested voters might take note of whether or not they are on this list.

There is an aggregate increase in the number of state reps posting their expenses but I am disappointed in the party discrepancy.

Here is the list:

Madeleine Dean (D-153)
Jared Gibbons (D-10)
Sid Michael Kavulich (D-114)
Patty Kim (D-103)

Ryan Aument (R-41)
Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-199)
Jim Christiana (R-15)
Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-108)
Joe Emrick (R-137)
Mindy Fee (R-37)
Keith Gillespie (R-47)
Keith J Greiner (R-43)
Glen Grell (R-87)
Joe Hackett (R-161)
Sue Helm (R-104)
Dave Hickernell (R-98)
Fred Keller (R-85)
John Lawrence (R-13)
John Maher (R-40)
Jim Marshall (R-14)
Kurt Masser (R-107)
John McGinnis (R-79)
Steven Mentzer (R-97)
Mark Mustio (R-44)
Justin Simmons (R-131)
Rosemarie Swanger (R-102)

Dan Truitt (R-156)

Thursday, April 03, 2014

SEPTA Updates

Two notes from our friends at SEPTA:

  • Some of the Regional Rail lines are shifting their schedules starting on Sunday; new timetables are now available.
  • Progress was made tonight during an informal meeting attended by  SEPTA management and TWU Local 234 negotiation team leaders. A possible two-year contract is being discussed. Talks will continue tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. at an undisclosed location. 

Keystone Progress PAC Endorses Billy Smith

from the inbox:

The Keystone Progress Political Action Committee (KP PAC) announced today that it is endorsing Billy Smith in the 164th Legislative District.
KP PAC is the political action committee of Keystone Progress.  Keystone Progress is a multi-issue progressive organization with over 200,000 members.  This is only the third endorsement by the progressive organization since it began making endorsements earlier this year.
The following is the endorsement announcement from KP PAC:We are honored to announce that the board of directors of the Keystone Progress Political Action Committee (KP PAC) endorses Billy Smith for State Representative in the 164th district.
We are proud to be able to make this endorsement because of Mr. Smith’s clear support for progressive values, including civil rights, workers’ rights, voting rights, protecting our environment, supporting public education and affordable health care.  These are the values that our members want to see championed in Harrisburg.  We believe that Billy Smith is the best candidate to assure that working families in the 164th Legislative District will have a strong, progressive voice in the House of Representatives.We look forward to working with Billy Smith as the next State Representative from the 164th district.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Eric Nagy to Bucks County Dems

The Bucks County Democratic Committee has named Eric Nagy their new executive director.   According to the press release:

Nagy has spent the last eight years managing top-tier campaigns – from State Representative to County Judge to United States Congress – all around the country. Nagy, a native of nearby Easton, PA and graduate of Ithaca College, returns to Bucks County having managed the Commissioner slate during the 2011 cycle

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Ridin' That Train, Feedin' Your Brain

SEPTA is celebrating National Library Week by asking riders what they are reading.  I've long though it would make a great dissertation or thesis from someone to make a scientific study of just that.

Here is SEPTA's press release:

SEPTA customers know that a good book makes their commute even better. To celebrate National Library Week, April 13-19, 2014, the Authority is asking its passengers “What are you reading?” and asking them to use SEPTA’s social media outlets to share the titles of the books, magazines and newspapers they bring along for their daily rides. 
 Today through April 21, commuters can submit the titles of their favorite on-board reading material, along with #enrichyourride, to SEPTA’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/septaphilly), the @SEPTA_Social Twitter feed, ISEPTAPHILLY.com 50th anniversary website (www.iseptaphilly.com/fiftyyears) and ISEPTAPHILLY.com Instagram account (www.instagram.com/iseptaphilly). Three entries will be selected at random to win one of the following prizes:  
• Grand Prize: A monthly SEPTA pass and two front row passes to “Stand Up Straight and Sing”, a conversation with Jessye Norman, at the Parkway Central Library on May 27 at 7:30 p.m.  
• Prize #1: An ISEPTAPhilly t- shirt and two front row passes to “Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America”, a conversation with John Waters, at the Parkway Central Library on June 13 at 7:30 p.m.  
• Prize #2: An I SEPTAPHILLY t- shirt and two front row passes to “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood”, a conversation with Diana Gabaldon, at the Parkway Central Library on June 17 at 7:30 p.m.  
Winners will be notified on Tuesday, April 22. The “What are you reading?” contest is designed to start a social media “conversation” about what titles are trending with SEPTA customers and to recommend selections for riders who are looking for new books.  
For more information about the “What are you reading?” contest and SEPTA, visit www.iseptaphilly.com/contests 
Customers looking for materials to read on their smartphones, tablets and e-readers can learn how to access the Free Library of Philadelphia’s full digital collection on April 17 when the Techmobile — a “hot spot on wheels”— is stationed outside of SEPTA’s Center City headquarters at 1234 Market Street from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Library staff will help the public register for library cards, download digital materials and learn more about the Free Library’s online offerings. 

Update: Which State Senators Post Their Expenses

In August, 2011, I researched the legislative websites of all of Pennsylvania's state senators, looking to see which, if any of them, posted their monthly expense reports.  I'm told these reports are available to the public whether a state senator posts them or not, but good luck finding them.  The legislative expense reports provide information on what the senators spend on rent, office expenses, newspaper subscriptions, etc.  Campaign spending reports are a different animal altogether.

At that time only one state senator, Republican Jeff Piccola, put his reports on his website.

There is a standard template for Democrats and Republicans but there is a lot of individualization, too: color schemes, links, types of information can all be customized.  Some senators list the trout stocking schedule.  You can find links to all of the Republican state senators' sites at:  http://www.pasenategop.com/; Democrats are at:  http://www.pasenate.com/.

I looked at each senator's site, and reviewed all of the links available on the main menu (mouse over the main menu bar to see the links on that topic).  It is possible that some senators included their expense reports on a secondary screen menu, but that seemed unlikely, and honestly, who is going to drill down that far?

It was interesting to note that several Republican senators had a link called "It's Your Money" that connected to information on the state budget.  Information on their own office spending?  Not so much.

So, who lists their expenses?  I found two senators, one Republican, one Democrat.  Sen. Rob Teplitz (D-15) was elected to that district when Sen. Piccola decided not to run for another term.  Sen. Teplitz is in his first term.  He provides information on specific month's expenses.  Republican Sen. Lloyd Smucker (R-13) provides some general information on his expenses.

That's it.  Two of the 50 senators.  No one in a senate leadership position posts his or her expense reports.  None of the senators running for higher office post their expenses.  Smucker was first elected to the senate in 2008; Teplitz in 2012.  None of the more senior senators post theirs.

If your senator doesn't post expenses you might ask him or her why.