Sunday, January 21, 2007

PA in the WSJ

Here again are the PA-related or otherwise interesting stories that jumped out at me from this week's Wall Street Journals. This isn't intended as a complete list, only those items I noticed.

PA Businesses

Uh-oh, Philadelphia’s Pepper Hamilton law firm plays center stage in the article entitled “Suit Alleges Big Law Firm Let a Ponzi Scheme Unfold,” by Paul Davies (1/18). This is the sort of publicity no one wants.

PA Politicians

Democrat John Murtha (PA-12) is in the news again. The last paragraph of “Groundwork for a War Debate,” by David Rogers (1/17) starts with this:

Thus, Rep. John Murtha (D, Pa.) who will manage the Iraq spending bill this spring, is convinced he can get bipartisan support even as he proposes to add restrictions that could impede the planned deployment of four more Army combat infantry brigades into Iraq. And rather than cutting into funds, lawmakers could add more money to defense bills, but then attach readiness requirements that must be met for it to be used.

It is only a mention but “Health-Insurance Gap Surges as Political Issue,” by Deborah Solomon and David Wessel (1/19) includes this sentence “On Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s governor became the latest to offer a way for cover the uninsured in his state.“

Other PA

I don’t normally read the letters section but Friday, the 18th, featured letters from two Pennsylvanians.

In the Saturday/Sunday issues (1/19) we find an article by Laura Meckler entitled “The High Price of Keeping Dad Alive” that recounts the story of a family in Cheltenham (Montgomery Co). A son donates half his liver to his father as one of a growing number of “living donors.” This is not a decision I think any young adult should have to make.

Non-PA but interesting

“An Immigration Raid Aids Blacks – For a Time,” by Even Perez and Corey Dade (1/17). This is an interesting look at what happened to the poultry processing plants (or at least one of them) that lost a large percentage of their workers after an IMS raid last September.

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