Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Gang of Five

Daddy Democrat went to Harrisburg yesterday to watch his new state rep, Bryan Lentz, be sworn in. He also said:

I also note that Bryan’s sharing an office quite [suite?] in the capitol with fellow newcomer Rick Taylor. They’re in the same little neighborhood with the gang of other young, suburban superstars Vitali, Gerber, and Shapiro. I assume that they’ll have lots of chances to work together as a block on regional interests and issues. There is a heck of a lot of can-do and dynamism in that gang of five.

So Bryan Lentz and Greg Vitali, of Delaware County, Rick Taylor, Mike Gerber, and Josh Shapiro, all of Montgomery County, are office neighbors. Now that is intriguing. You know if you put a lot of brains, creativity, and gumption all together and mix, you either get something wonderful or a lot of soot and singed eyebrows. Let's keep tabs on this group and see what they come up with.


Anonymous said...

sometimes there can be too many cooks in the kitchen

AboveAvgJane said...

True, but 5 would not be too many if they get along well

Anonymous said...

How dare you cite me for one of my misspellings!

I note that Shapiro and Gerber are famous friends. They worked together recently on the Chester Co. recount, and both were involved in supporting Lentz as he was entering this race, so I'm pretty sure that they're at least a troika of good vibes.

Vitali may be a little bit more of a maverick from what I've seen and heard about him.

Shapiro sounds like the big wunderkind of the party in HBG. He engineered a lot of the Dennis O'Brien deal, he's cheerful and outgoing, and he seems to be the fast riser in the Democratic ranks. Also, he seems to work like a fiend.