Monday, January 08, 2007

Jane Now a Kept Woman (or at Least a Paid Blogger)

Some time ago I wrote about signing a contract with Newstex to be part of their Blogs on Demand product. The contract includes a formula for royalties, paid when the amount gets to $25.00. They are calculated monthly and run about 60 days behind (in Nov I get an email statement for Sept, etc). This blog was picked up by Lexis / Nexis in August and I started accumulating royalties then. The first check came today. If you want particulars, send me an email (listed on my blogger profile, link on right sidebar).


Anonymous said...

Jane, does this make you a dreaded "media -----"? :)

AboveAvgJane said...

I think there will have to be a few more zeros at the end of the number on the check before I hit "media" status. Unless I want to live under a highway overpass and only eat once or twice a month, I should keep my day job. ;)

Gort said...

You made money from this! And I'm still broke. Good job Jane.

You owe us all a beer.

AboveAvgJane said...

Gort, it was a small check. I might be able to afford a pitcher or two but we might have to all share straws, depending on how many are at the table. Newstex is always interested in adding blogs to the list. You, too, could be taking your family to Burger King with your blogging money!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jane! Tuck that cash away, you can use it for your Senate race. :-) Any way those of us who read here can drive that cash? ie: clicking through another site to get to you?

AboveAvgJane said...


That's a kind thought, and I thank you for it. The ways it works, though, is if people who search a product that includes my work, find something I wrote in it (for example, someone searching for a candidate and finding an interview I did with them), that counts towards my royalties. So I just need to keep writing things that people might want to find. Sitemeter gives me a lot of feedback like that for how people find the blog using search engines, and I incorporate that into planning future blogposts. Mostly I write about things that interest me but it is even better if the things that interest me are things that other people want to find. There may not be a lot of overlap between those who read the blog via the internet and those who find individual blog posts via commercial products that Newstex markets to.

So, Austin, you can kick back and read here all you want; I am content and pleased that you might chose to do so. However, if you happen to find yourself in a library that subscribes to Lexis/Nexis and want to do a search on Above Average Jane or see if you can find any of my blog posts in there on candidates you know I have written about, I would not discourage you from doing so.

I really appreciated your comment.