Friday, January 26, 2007

July House Journals

All issues of the Pennsylvania State House Journals for July have been released. The full House was in session on three days, July 1 (92 p.), July 2 (22 p.), and July 5 (3 p.). The issues for the 2nd and the 5th had no extensive discussion in them. The 92 pages of print for July 1 consisted primarily of the text of lengthy bills and amendments. However, there were a few interesting or noteworthy discussions therein. The pages numbers referenced are for the pdf versions available on the state house website (see link above) and not the printed page numbers.

pages 8-9 cost of cigarettes
pages 34-26 cost of prescription drugs
pages 42-28 architectural plans, construction regulations, and a brief discussion of the meanings of the words "may" and "shall"
pages 49-53 taxes in Philadelphia. noteworthy quote from Rep. Cohen on p. 51: "I remain unthrilled by the idea of socking people who drive through Philadelphia with more costs."
pages 72-73 tax code and business tax relief
pages 88-92 lobbying reform, some interesting statements but you should read that section yourself. Note where one of the representatives blames the difficulty of passing this legislation on the senate.

I will confess to not understanding much of what is presented. It jumps around a lot. These are just the things that stood out to me.

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