Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Speaker of the House

By the time most of you read this the newspapers will have provided fuller and more detailed information. As often as possible today I checked the Inky's blog on the nominations and election for the Pennsylvania House's selection of a speaker. If you don't already know, it is Republican Representative Dennis O'Brien of Philadelphia. Read the pagavel blog for the scoop.

Local tidbits: Republicans Curt Schroeder and Dave Steil of Chester and Bucks County respectively, voted for O'Brien over Perzel. Philadelphia Democrats Rosita Youngblood and Angel Cruz voted for Perzel over O'Brien. Wunderkind Josh Shapiro, Democrat from Montgomery County's 153rd district supposedly got the ball rolling with assistance from fellow Appropriations Committee buddy Dwight Evans of Philadelphia. Gov. Rendell was involved as well.

Thanks to the Inquirer for posting this information quickly. Note to Mr. Tierney, just think, this sort of thing would be much more difficult to do with fewer reporters. My thoughts as a loyal (about 15 years) subscriber to the Inquirer.


Anonymous said...

I know you'll forgive me for a little blog pimping in this case. I was actually on-hand for the events in Harrisburg today, and just finally had a chance to post my notes over on ye olde blog.

Anonymous said...

We live blogged the procedings over at KP and had the action before the Inky.