Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bruce Almighty, Part IV

The cat seems to be out of the bag. There have been rampant rumors over the past few days that Bruce Castor, Montgomery County District Attorney, is going to seek a spot on the ballot as a Republican candidate for county commissioner. Previous posts have mentioned the poll he paid for showed incumbent commissioner Tom Ellis with very low positive numbers. The other incumbent Republican, Jim Matthews, didn't do so well either.

Today news stories appeared in a variety of Montgomery Newspapers ("Castor considers run for county commissioner by Margaret Gibbons) and in the Bulletin ("Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Ken Davis says Castor Running For County Commissioner," by Jim McCaffrey, saying Castor intends to run as part of a team with former state Rep. Melissa Murphy Weber. State Rep. Kate Harper is also rumored to be interested in running. That's five people interested in two spots on the ballot. The primary could be very interesting.

Gibbons' article also notes that Eric Kretschman, current county comptroller is also likely to face competition for the Republican spot on the ballot.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce seems to run for everything.....does this mean we can get rid of the poke machines that he declines to "handle" despite requests by the State Police. Two southern townships have VFW's and American legions that make Atlantic City look like small doings...but wait Who controls them a REPUBLICAN shame