Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PA Legislation Cuts Out the Fat

The University of Baltimore has done a study on state legisation and policy aimed at curbing child obesity. Pennsylvania scores fairly well. We currently rank 21 in obesity prevalence and get an overall B in state efforts to control obesity. We rank 28 in childhood obesity prevalence but get an A in state efforts to control childhood overweight prevalence.

For the full report and all the pretty graphics go to:


A Big Fat Slob said...

I don't understand all this talk about "getting in shape".

When I went to school, "Round" was a "shape".

AboveAvgJane said...

There was a big to do in PTA and room mother land this fall when the state sent out guidelines saying any school party that had cupcakes or sweets / candy had to also have a healthy alternative. So, this Feb. 14th we'll be saying "Happy Valentine's Day, kids, have an artichoke" in classrooms all across the state. It does sort of make you nostalgic for the good old days, doesn't it?