Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Even More on PA House Legislative Reform

Those intrepid chairs of the Pennsylvania House bipartisan committee on legislative reform say they are sincere in wanting citizen input. They’ve even set up an email for us to send our suggestions to: reform (at) Remember, don’t ramble, send concrete ideas, and be nice. We want to encourage this sort of thing.

Were that not enough both chairs, Josh Shapiro of Montgomery County (D-153) and David Steil of Bucks County (R-31) will be on the PCN Call-In Show on Tuesday, Jan. 29. It airs live at 7:00 p.m. and is usually re-broadcast a number of times throughout the next few days, as well as posted on the PCN site so you can watch it online a day or so later. I plan to watch one of the re-broadcasts (in my house adults don’t get control of the tv until 9) and take notes. Hopefully there will be time to clean them up a bit before posting. But if you want to call in and ask questions you have to do so during the 7 p.m. live broadcast. Phone number on the PCN website,

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Anonymous said...

Hi AboveJane,
I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I want to be an informed voice when I e-mail my concerns. I usually forward the latest Trib article as it so well articulates what I'd like to say. The Reform Committee will be in Pgh. April 19 to listen to concerned citizens' thoughts. I'm seriously thinking about sharing some well-thought out, well-written suggestions.