Thursday, May 11, 2006

Voters' Views on Government

I've been neglecting IssuesPA. It's on my sidebar but I haven't looked at it in some time. Today someone emailed me about a new poll so I took a look at what they've done lately. In March and then again in April they've had polls looking at voters' views on government.

In March this was reported:

How vulnerable are incumbent state legislators in this year’s elections? While confidence ratings are down somewhat from pre-pay raise levels, people’s own state senators and representatives continue to be held in much higher regard than state legislators collectively. Sixty percent of state residents have a lot or some confidence in their own state senator and 63% have similar confidence in their own state representative. Political Independents, a bellwether of anti-incumbent sentiment, are more likely to have confidence in their own state senator (55%) and representative (55%) than in Governor Rendell (50%) and the legislature as a whole (44%).

In April it is not so rosy:

Asked for a one-word description that best describes the legislature, the largest number of Pennsylvanians surveyed – 69 respondents – said, “Greedy.” Though the top 10 list of responses included some positive or neutral words like “good,” “okay,” and “fair,” most had a negative connotation such as “crook,” “poor,” and “corrupt.”

It could be that, in usual fashion, people think their own legislator is okay but all the others are dishonest. (True to form I think my own state rep is okay but I'm wary of everyone else's.)

Read the full reports for more information on this and other topics. The polls have numbers on support for gubernatorial candidates, voter views on issues, and tons of other interesting stuff.


Anonymous said...

The polls tell us that we are disgusted with our Pennsylvania Legislature. Yet, the same polls tell us we are not as disgusted with our own Legislator. Does this make any sense? Are they not one in the same? Our own Mario Civera stood with the Republican caucus, clapping like a seal approving with his leadership's decision to kill the property tax relief plan. This plan, not perfect, was at least a start towards breaking the 30 year logjam. Mr. Civera talks out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand he said he favored the plan, yet he stood in the Capitol Rotunda with his Republican caucus applauding the death of the property tax bill that would have at least offered some help to those who needed it most. His loyalty is to the Harrisburg leaders, of which he is one, rather than the people he represents here in Upper Darby, the 164th District. How many people will lose their homes while Civera and the Republicans fiddle in Harrisburg. Before it's too late I implore you to understand that Mario Civera is the Legislature. Unable to accomplish the things that matter most of us here at home. Instead of taking a stand, being a leader, Mr. Civera prefers to stand in the political safety of the backround. Making no noise, taking no chances and more concerned with being re-elected than doing what's right. If there was ever an opportunity to send the message that the time has come for a change, it is now. As much as you may like Mario personally, as I do, he no longer deserves to represent us in Harrisburg. The go along party politics has us mired in quicksand, all Mario does is follow the leader. How about following us for a change, have some guts and do something bold. I've not mentioned myself thusfar, but it's clear that I will be the opposite of Mr. Civera in the Legislature. Bold action will be my byword, I won't stop until the people of Upper Darby get what they want and need. Sure, I could hold meaningless hearings, and make promise, promise, promise.
I choose a different direction. Pennsylvania first, Upper Darby first, the people first. Make the tough decisions and toss the consultants and lobbyists out the door. People first, simple.

Anonymous said...

Where does this guy live, he's got my vote. I have rarely read such a succint evaluation of the voters who hate the Legislature but love their Legislator. Someone needs to find out more from him.