Monday, May 08, 2006

More Inky Endorsements

I neglected to mention the Inquirer's endorsement of Lois Murphy in the Democratic primary in PA-06.

Today the Inquirer endorsed Valerie McDonald Roberts. Excerpt:

That leaves VALERIE MCDONALD ROBERTS.As a former Pittsburgh city councilwoman and school board president who is now Allegheny County recorder of deeds, she is far and away the Democrats' most plausible choice.

She's had to balance government budgets and manage a bureaucracy. She's been on the front lines of decision-making about crime, community development and education.

The two main roles of the lieutenant governor are leading the state's emergency services and chairing the parole board. After the Hurricane Katrina debacle, no state should be cavalier about the former duty. Of the four, Roberts promises the steadiest hand in a crisis.

Good choices all around.

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