Thursday, May 18, 2006

Class Act #2: Mike Paston

Tom Murt defeated Sue Cornell, incumbent Republican legislator in the 152nd state house district. In the fall he will face Democrat Mike Paston. In today's Inky ("Hatboro legislator swept out with tide," by Jeff Shields), we find this statement:

"I think it was more specifically a Sue Cornell backlash," said Michael Paston, owner of a local printing company and vice president of the Upper Dublin school board. "Tom's a better person, and I think his win assures us that we will have someone who will do a good job representing the district."

As I will say many times between now and November, the 152nd is a lucky district.

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Anonymous said...

As a resident of the 152nd district i am extremely happy with our selection. We have gone from an uneffective state represenative to having the choice between two very qualified candidates.