Wednesday, May 03, 2006

From the Ridiculous to the Even More Ridiculous

Raj Bhakta, the only Republican running in the 13th congressional district, is highlighted in this article from the Hill (via politicspa). Having previously acknowledged two DUIs and then advertised for campaign staff on craigslist, he's moved on to more outlandish tactics. The first two paragraphs:

Raj Bhakta is not a typical Republican candidate. But that is not plain from his website assertion that “this is a race between a reformer and a machine politician.”

No, what makes his campaign unconventional is the likelihood that when he wins his uncontested primary for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District on May 16, cameras will start rolling and turn his bid for Congress into reality TV.

I don't think Allyson Schwartz, the Democratic incumbent, is overly worried. Her campaign website still has nothing but a bio and a place to contribute. C'mon, with all that money in the bank, can't you at least take down the "under construction" sign on the main page?

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LVDem said...

Schwartz trounced a good candidate in 2004. Imagine what she's capable of doing to this guy. Seriously though, she'll probably spend 75% of her money, run up the score and scare off any future opposition.