Wednesday, May 24, 2006

News Round Up

A few tidbits from here and there:

**Lynn Swann decides to campaign with tom Ridge instead of appearing at the West Branch Manufacturers's Association. Read through the entire article (via politicspa). This could prove costly. He may not find people as eager to book him for speaking engagements. As is customary the group had raised money for him:

The campaign manager will usually suggest a figure that should be met by the fundraiser, Metzger said. In this case, the amount was $10,000.

“We raised in excess of $15,000,” he said.

Funds raised specifically for Swann’s campaign were made out to “Swann for Governor.”

“I returned those checks to each of the donors. It’s the donor’s choice now” whether to give the money to Swann’s campaign, he said.

**Swann discussed his property tax reform plan this week. BenPA at Young Philly Politics points out that it applies to vacation properties as well. Another maybe not so good thing.

**Patrick Murphy and MurphyCorps did some good deeds today to point out the hardships caused by Pres. Bush's budget and incumbent GOP Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick's support of it.

As of 3PM today, the MurphyCorps:
Donated 249 food items to the Bucks County Housing Group in Penndel;
Donated 252 books to the community library at Foxwood Manor in Levittown;
Donated 115 toiletry items to the Delaware Valley Veterans Home;
Worked 65 man hours cleaning 1.2 miles of trail at Tyler Park in Newtown;
Worked 15 man hours assisting senior citizens at Twining Village in
Delivered 12 meals with Meals on Wheels in Abington;
Sorted 492 items of clothing for a local non-profit thrift store;
Helped 20 kids with homework in Levittown.

**Our friends at Campaigns & Elections would like us to cast a vote in a mock Santorum / Casey election.

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