Saturday, May 13, 2006

Does It Matter Who Lives in Your House?

One of my email buddies brought this to my attention. People applying for jobs at the Gaming Control Board are being asked a lot of questions. One is who else lives at their house. Some are taking this as a way of identifying applicant's sexual orientation. Rep. Babette Josephs has asked for further explanation on why these questions are necessary. (see story from KYW here).


Anonymous said...

Yes, it matters a lot who lives in your house when you are in a position to influence or control the giving of large amounts of money. Your spouse, house mate or long term guest is in a position to influence or coerce you and should be squeaky clean also.

LVDem said...

For me its not who, but what. Some of the creatures that live in my messy apartment would disqualify me from most reputable employment.

AboveAvgJane said...


Ha! I can relate to that. One of the little Janes is a budding naturalist. I have to steel myself to look under the sofa, in case on of the creatures that "fell out" of a pants pocket somewhere along the way is still in residence. We are encouraging rock collecting as an alternative to finding dead squirrel parts misplaced around the house.