Thursday, May 18, 2006

Election Recap

Jon Delano has a really good recap of the election over at politicspa -- who won and what it means. In state senate and house races he focuses on the Pittsburgh area.

Locally, Chris Bowers of mydd won a spot on the state Democratic committee. has a complete wrap up of the numbers on contested primaries.

Valerie McDonald Roberts send out a great statement on her unsuccessful bid for lt. gov.:

"We have made history. Last year, we set out to offer a fresh perspective to Pennsylvania by bringing the localities back into state government and making government work for the people. And we have done that.

Through the efforts of people in the community and the power of the internet, we have changed expectations of what citizens should demand from candidates and public servants.

I continue to stand ready to serve as a watch dog and a voice for the people. Now is not the time to give up hope on good government. We must continue to hold government accountable and demand excellence from our elected officials.

I have served my community for 16 years as an elected official. It has always been my honor and privilege to serve the people. This is not over. I have committed-as have you all-to making our communities and our state a place where we can all flourish. And I will not ever turn my back on that commitment.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the other candidates in this race, and I offer my congratulations to Catherine Baker Knoll.

I also want to thank all of my supporters here and across the state. I am overwhelmed by the support from Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties, Allegheny, Washington, Westmoreland, Crawford, and Erie Counties, and from the middle of the state, places like Bradford, Tioga and Center County, and North East in Schuylkill, Lehigh, Lackawanna and Northampton Counties. The response from around Pennsylvania has been so heartening.

Again thank you to all of my supporters and especially to the online community, who helped spread the word. And thank you to my staff, friends, and family and most importantly to God. I am humbled by your faith and trust in me."

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