Tuesday, May 16, 2006

One Last Update for the Night

philly.com has called the lt. gov. Democratic primary for Knoll, with McDonald Roberts coming in second.

Brightbill may not be the only legislative leader to fall this evening. It isn't looking good for Jubilerer either, but the race has not been called. (oop! WFMZ just said Jubilerer has lost.) Okay, we have the legislature's attention, now what are we going to do with it?

WFMZ has Warren's concession speech and has called the race for Murphy! Warren's speech focused primarily on his disappointment in the low turnout, in not being able to run in November, and on his dismay at how much money it costs to run. You know that I am strongly biased for Murphy but Warren's speech did not seem as gracious as it could have been.

The other races I have been watching are still up for grabs but it's late. Check phillynews.com or tomorrow's papers for the final word.

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Anonymous said...

Jubelier conceded.