Monday, May 15, 2006

Off Topic: The Weekend

Today is Mother's Day and it's customary to say something profound or tug at the heartstrings. Something has been running around the mousetrack in my head but it hasn't come out yet so thoughts motherhood will have to wait.

This weekend Casa Jane had 5 kid-related events, the shortest 30 minutes, the longest 6 hours. (It involved me wearing an apron, safety googles, and plastic gloves, being splattered by sticky kid food, and then rained on. Yeehaw.) However, one of these events involved the kids going somewhere else for 2 hours and that coincided with the dinner hour on Saturday. Mr. J and I went out for dinner, no place fancy, something we get to do, oh, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Driving to pick up the kids, the sun had gone down and we got to listen to whatever we wanted on the radio. Those readers in the same spot on the parenting cycle will recognize this as the big deal it is. Those who aren't, take my word for it, it's a big deal. Later in the evening we stumbled onto an Eddie Izzard show on BBC America. He did the riff on Darth Vader in the Death Star cafeteria. Hilarious. If you are in the midst of a primary campaign and find it annoying that people are going about their business when so much is at stake, I apologize, but let me assure you that, given a choice, I would gladly have traded 6 hours of your hectic schedule for the safety googles and the sticky kid food. I've shampooed twice but still find bits of it in my hair.

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