Monday, May 08, 2006

More on Paul Lang

Paul Lang, Democratic candidate for the 6th state senate district, is now writing for the Huffington Post. To date he is the only state-level candidate to be highlighted. His first post is here.


As I continue my run for state Senate in Pennsylvania, I discover that our country is rich with hard-working candidates fighting for our values at the community level. Often, they are overshadowed by Fox News, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and big bloggers who cannot risk losing their national audience by focusing on “small races”. However, the candidates in these local races will impact your life more immediately and more deeply and they need your help. Progressive candidates from all over the country need you to put their lawn signs up, hand out their literature, and throw them a donation (even if it is only the price of the appetizer you order the next time you are out).

I agree completely. Watch your local races carefully. Get out and meet the candidates. If you live in the 6th state senate district, vote for Paul. For more information on him see his web site or his interview on this blog earlier this year.

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