Thursday, May 11, 2006

WSJ on Gerlach: Vulnerable

In today's Wall Street Journal (Calmes, Jackie, "Local Politics Turns National," p. A4):

With their House and Senate majorities at stake, Republicans are swimming against a national tide of voter unrest in the presidential midterm elections.


His (Rep. Rob Simmons) rival, former state rep. Joe Courtney, and other Democrats are running "nationalized" campaigns. They are hoping to capitalize on anger about the Iraq war, gas prices, congressional corruption and a White House seemingly at sea, to unseat enough "Bush Rubberstamps" -- as they call all Republican incumbents -- to recapture a majority.


"is her (Anne Northrup) seat a likely turn for Democrats?" Mr. Rothenberg asks. "No. but it's sure possible in a dramatically Democratic national environment." Much the same goes for Republican Reps. J. D. Hayworth in Arizona, Clay Shaw in Florida, Jim Gerlach in Pennsylvania and both Steve Chabot and Deborah Pryce in Ohio.


phillydem said...

Over at MyDD, Rep Jack Murtha is quoted as saying the GOP is going to suffer severe losses in Novemember.
(Rep Murtha's language is a little spicier than mine above.)

AboveAvgJane said...

Murtha can afford stronger language. I thought it was interesting that the WSJ would even discuss this....

phillydem said...

WSJ is the paper of the business class
and that is, or was, one of the GOP's
main constituencies. No surprise, then, they'd take an interest in how badly the Rs are doing.