Friday, May 11, 2012

Stamp Out Hunger

Dr. Manan Trivedi, candidate in the 6th congressional district, sends out this message:

This past week, your local letter carrier probably dropped off a grocery bag or maybe placed a postcard in your mailbox like they did at our house.

Tomorrow, May 12 is the national Stamp Out Hunger food drive and thanks to your letter carrier, they are making it easy for you to participate.

Just take the bag they provided or use your own. Place non-perishable food items in the bag and set it next to your mailbox. A letter carrier will pick it up on Saturday and deliver it to a local food bank or pantry.

And after you have placed your bag at your mailbox, let us know about it.

If you are on Twitter, simply use the following hashtag and we will ReTweet your message:    #StampedOutHungerWithTfC

Or come to our Facebook page and post a comment:

In each of our communities we know there are those in need. You may even know someone personally. If we all just make a small donation like a can of soup, box of cereal or a bag of rice, it will go a long way in combating hunger locally.

I know I sign-off with this often and it is just as important now - - Thank you for all you are doing to help build a better community.

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