Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Iraq War Veteran Injuries

Those who do not read Mike Allen's Politico Playbook every morning (it can be delivered via email for your convenience) miss quotes from and links to articles like "Almost half of new vets seek disability," by Marilyn Marchione, AP 5/27/2012:

Just over half of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans eligible for VA care have used it so far.
Of those who have sought VA care:
—More than 1,600 of them lost a limb; many others lost fingers or toes.
—At least 156 are blind, and thousands of others have impaired vision.
—More than 177,000 have hearing loss, and more than 350,000 report tinnitus — noise or ringing in the ears.
—Thousands are disfigured, as many as 200 of them so badly that they may need face transplants. One-quarter of battlefield injuries requiring evacuation included wounds to the face or jaw, one study found.

If you see someone in uniform or know someone who served, remember to thank them for their service.  And let's fund veterans care.   All to often veterans are forgotten and that's just not right.

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