Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hispanic Community Action Summit in Philly

from the inbox:

The White House will host four more Hispanic Community Action Summits in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Arlington, Virginia; Silver Spring, Maryland; and Livermore, California in the coming weeks. The events are the latest in an ongoing series of regional meetings across the country providing an opportunity for Senior Administration Officials to engage members of the Hispanic community on a wide range of issues critical to creating an economy built to last, including the President’s “To Do List” for Congress that would create jobs and help restore middle class security.

Participants in the upcoming summits will discuss topics including jobs and the economy, education, healthcare, housing and the need to fix our nation’s broken immigration system. The summits will begin with a morning plenary session followed by a set of open space dialogues, in which participants set the agenda and identify follow up actions with officials throughout the afternoon to address issues critically important to the Hispanic community and all Americans.

These regional meetings have helped establish dozens of new partnerships; provide technical assistance and support to small businesses and educate employers and employees on workplace protections; improve access to quality health care under the Affordable Care Act; expand nutrition assistance; promote diversity and inclusion in federal programs and workforce; and protect civil rights in education, housing and immigration. We have also seen the development of new impactful initiatives. For example, a pilot program to expand contracting opportunities for low-income workers and the businesses that employ them was announced at one regional summit. Thousands in back wages were secured for local workers who attended one gathering as well, while a public-private partnership established at another will help mentor a thousand Hispanic students through college. To learn more about these successes click HERE for the Interim Report: White House Hispanic Community Action Summits.
The Philadelphia Summit is scheduled for June 2nd. Registration is required.

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