Sunday, May 13, 2012

Buddy Roemer on Being a "Spoiler"

from the inbox:

Governor Buddy Roemer issued the following statement in regard to speculation of him being a "spoiler" for Governor Romney and/or President Obama:

We believe that our nation is facing difficult times. We believe that the best decisions in these difficult times will be made when we have a president truly 
Free to Lead. A president who commits to working with all Americans, not just Democrats, and not just Republicans. We need to rebuild a nation, not a political party.

This election is wide open, which is exactly as it should be for a nation in trouble with the nominee from both major parties addicted to and controlled by the special interest checks of the favored few who continue to steal our future to feed the greed of their present. Enough!

I run to win. I am not a single-issue candidate or someone who is merely trying to make a statement. I am not Ralph Nader. I am a former Governor of a corrupt state that I helped clean up; I am former four-term Congressman who worked closely with President Reagan to help our country; and for the last twenty years I have been a successful businessman creating jobs.

I am currently polling at 7% in the most recent national survey and I am confident once I receive the Americans Elect nomination that I can attain 15% standing which will then qualify me to participate in the national debates this fall. Obama, Romney and Roemer. Again, I run to win.

If, during the last month of the campaign I discover I have no realistic chance of winning, I will ask my supporters to vote their conscience or for their second choice so the issue of spoiler can be dropped once and for all.

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