Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Civics in a Minute

Remember those old Schoolhouse Rock! videos -- "Conjunction Junction" and "How a Bill Becomes a Law?"  I loved those and, like most people of my general, can still sing along to several of them.  Today's youth have been deprived of their own set of civics videos.  The Khan Academy has a lot of math but not much on civics.

However, a new system is being unveiled on May 16th.  Civics in a Minute is a new series breaks down politics to its nuts and bolts to show how government and the elections process works.  There are currently five videos:
  • The Electoral College 
  • Primaries vs. Caucuses 
  • Who Picks the Vice President? 
  • What the Heck is a Super Pac? 
  • How Do Elections Polls Work? 
The host is Jacob Soboroff who has created and hosted programming for CNN, AMC, and MTV.  It is produced by TakePart, a digital media organization and content-driven social action platform of people, non-profit organizations and brands that are working together to drive positive change on big issues.

I watched the video on polls and thought it was something kids and adults alike would enjoy.

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