Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Betty White Runs for Office in PA??!!!

Yes, Betty White is on the ballot.  Not that Betty White, not the white haired charmer who has been delighting American audiences for decades.  There is another Betty White, a Democrat, running for the 147th state house seat now held by Republican Mary Toepel.  The 147th district is in Montgomery County, including East Greenville and Green Lane, as well as Douglass, New Hanover, and Lower Frederick Townships, as well as other areas.  You can learn more about Betty on her website:  http://www.bettywhiteforpa147.com/home

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Elaine Hannock said...

THIS Betty White is a great candidate- an educated woman who is passionate about funding public schools, creating good paying jobs, women's healtcare coverage and our environment. She needs everyone's support!