Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Murphy Endorses Kane

from the inbox:

Today, Iraq war veteran and former prosecutor Patrick Murphy endorsed his Democratic primary opponent, Kathleen Kane, for Pennsylvania Attorney General.

“Primaries are never easy. But it’s important to remember that this was a family fight. Now that it’s over, we must come together and rally behind our nominee. That’s why I am endorsing Kathleen Kane for Attorney General. Because in the end, Kathleen is Pennsylvania’s best choice for Attorney General,” Murphy said.

“Kathleen is a fierce competitor. But she also has a vision for this office. We agree that consumer protection must be the cornerstone of this office and that we must do more to protect children from sexual abuse. We need an Attorney General who will protect the middle class and defend the rights of every Pennsylvanian, not just those with money or power. So now, we Democrats must come together, beat David Freed, and deny Governor Corbett the Attorney General he hand-picked to protect his radical agenda,” Murphy added.

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