Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some WSJ Notes

A few notes from last week’s Wall Street Journal:

12/26, “As slump hits home, cities downsize their ambitions,” by Conor Dougherty, there are several paragraphs on Philly noting that 800 staff positions have been lost, snow removal cut on short one-way streets, and parades having to pay their own way.

“Does golden pay for the CEOs sink stocks,” by Jason Zweig, 12/26, “It turns out that the bigger the CEO’s slice, the lower the company’s profitability and market valuation.” Something to keep in mind.

From “Recession alters migration patterns in U.S.,” by Mark Whitehouse on 12/24 is a note that migration patterns may affect redistricting after next year’s census. In the past year Pennsylvania actually gained population. For the past several years California and New York have lost population. The article notes that birth rates can also have an effect. For those who missed the tweet last week, one of the Democratic candidates for the 6th congressional district, Dr. Manan Trivedi and his wife are taking a lead on this, and are expecting their first child next spring.

For those unaware, Brite Star Manufacturing, the only US manufacturer of tinsel, is headquartered in Philadelphia, as noted in “Tinsel: can’t live with it, can’t get past Christmas without it,” by Clare Ansberry 12/23

From “Defense bill earmarks total $4 billion,” by John D McKinnon and Brody Mullins (12/22), we learn that Congressman John Murtha sponsored 23 earmarks totaling $76.5 million.

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