Monday, December 14, 2009

Mobile SEPTA

From the inbox:

SEPTA is proud to announce the beginnings of its mobile site for customers needing information on-the-go. Point your browser to for the latest travel advisories, station location information, quick links to TrainView and Next To Arrive mobile, and our Customer Service comment form.

We continue work to create the best experience for our regular timetables on a mobile device. In the meantime, mobile users may opt to take advantage of the current applications designed for cellular devices that feature SEPTA schedule information.

The Maps application on an iPhone or iPod Touch connected to wifi allows customers to get transit directions and schedules through our partnership with Google Transit. Simply input your beginning and ending destination, and choose the transit icon at the top of the screen.

Palm, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and other users may opt to download the Google Maps application direct from Google (download link) and again choose the transit option to get upcoming schedules between two points of travel.

For mobile Regional Rail customers, Next To Arrive mobile ( will provide the next four trains at the requested time between two stations on our Regional Rail system.

We thank everyone for their patience while further development of our schedule information continues.

Bookmark and be on your way with SEPTA in your pocket.

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