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Consultant Winners & Losers List for 2009

Campaigns & Elections Politics Magazine has published the annual winners & losers list for 2009, giving candidates by the consulting firms they hired and how those races turned out. Once again, the publication has given me permission to cull out the Pennsylvania data. I corrected a few typos but if anything else looks odd, check the original list to see if the error is theirs or mine.

Each entry starts out with the consulting firm's name, their party affiliation (or N for neutral), and their specialty. Below that are Pennsylvania candidates, office sought, and whether they won or lost (or lost primaries). A w/l indicates a primary win and general election loss, w/w is a win in both.

As a service I have searched for a URL for each consulting firm listed. If there isn't a link it's because nothing came up in the first screen of search results on Google. I'm just not willing to look any further than that.

Anzalone Liszt Research, D – polling
Anne Scheuring PA state house (special) – L

Buzz Communications, D – web polling, communication
Steve Pollock, PA, Commonwealth Court – L

Campaign Solutions / Connell Donatelli , R – internet consulting
PA Republican Party --

Chris Russell Consulting, R – direct mail
Tom Creighton, PA Lehigh County Commissioner – W
Percy Dougherty, PA Lehigh County Commissioner – W
Bob Smith, PA Lehigh County Commissioner – L
Mike Welsh, PA Lehigh County Commissioner – L
Glenn Eckhart, PA Lehigh County Commissioner – W

Devine Mulvey, D – media consulting
Chris Doherty, PA Scranton Mayor – W/W

Edward Mitchell Communications, D – media
Carole Walbert, PA, Carbon County Judge – L
Jim Goodman, PA, Schuylkill County DA -- W

Global Strategy Group, D – polling
Chris Asplen, PA, Bucks County DA – L
Dan McCaffery, PA Philadelphia DA – Lp

Gold Communications, D – direct mail
Luke Ravenstahl, PA Pittsburgh Mayor -- W

Mission Control Inc, D – direct mail, print advertising
Dan Anders, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas – W

Momentum Analysis, D – polling
Chris Doherty, Scranton Mayor – W

New Media Campaigns, N – Internet software, services
Luke Ravenstahl, Pittsburgh Mayor – W
Alexander Bicket, PA Judge – Lp

Northeast Tele-Services, R – grassroots, direct mail, general
Frank Castellano, Lackawanna County Judge – L
Richard Hughes, Luzerne County Judge – L
Andy Jarbola, Lackawanna County DA – W
George Skumanick, Lyoming County DA – L

Pathfinder Communications, R – direct mail
Wendy Demchick-Alloy, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas – W
Linda Fleming, Cambria County Court of Common Pleas – W
Kelly Wall, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas – W
PA Republican State Committee (Supreme Court) – W

Public Opinion Strategies, R – polling
Bob Mensch – State Senate (special) – W
Dave Heckler, Bucks County DA – W

Stanford Campaigns, R – research, general
Dan McCaffery, Philadelphia DA – Lp

Strategy Group for Media, R – polling
Bernie Coates – Dauphin County Court – W/W
Deborah Essis Curcillo, Dauphin County Court – W/w
Craig Daily, Northampton county court – W/W
Devin Brobson, PA Commonwealth Court – W/W

Susquehanna Polling & Research, R – polling
Jerry Knowles, PA state house – W
Craig Dally, Northampton County Court of Common Pleas – L
Linda Fleming, Cambria Court of Common Pleas – L
Greg Mousseau, Carbon County Court of Common Pleas – Lp
Mike Rozman, Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas – Lp
Ann Wilson, Johnstown City Council – W
Stan Robert, York County, DA – Lp
Republican State Committee of PA for Jane Orie Melvin for Supreme Court – W
House Republican Campaign Committee -- --
YES on Liquor Referendeum in Warrington Twp – W
YES on Liquor Referendum in West Lampeter Twp – W
Joe DiGirolamo Bensalmen Mayor – W
Richard Hughes, Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas – L
Schuylkill County GOP committee for Dale Repp Sheriff – L
Schuylkill County GOP for Christie Holman DA – L
Chester County Republican Committee, PA Row Office Candidates -- W

Traz Group, R -- direct mail
Joan Orie Melvin, PA Supreme Court – W

Winning Connections, D -- telephone contact services
Don Cunningham, Lehigh county Commission – W
Hillary Kwiatec Lehigh County Commissioner – L
Jeanne McNeill, Lehigh County Commissioner – L
David Jones, Lehigh county council – W
Dan McCarthy, Lehigh County council – W
Francis Acost, Reading City council – W

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