Monday, December 21, 2009

Miscellaneous Notes

Postings have been light lately -- I've been working on some longer posts that will be showing up on the blog soon, digging out of the snow, and getting ready for the holiday, but here are a few quick notes:

Political Events

I've been out and about a few times. Over the past few weeks I went to one event for State Rep Bryan Lentz who is running for congress in the 7th district. Lentz is politically savvy but still very down to earth.

Joe Hoeffel, Montgomery County Commissioner and candidate for governor has been holding a number of events. The one I attended brought in some other elected officials and once and future candidates. It was a nice group of people. Joe was, as always, very informed and easy to talk to.

Both of them, and everyone else running for office, would love to have a donation from you before the campaign finance deadline at the of this month. If your stocking is full of green instead of coal, and you've already bought a toy or two for Toys for Tots, then consider dropping a few dollars down the chimney for your favorite candidate.

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