Monday, December 14, 2009

Delco 1 - 2 Punch for PHL

Congressman Joe Sestak (D-07) and State Rep Bryan Lentz (D-161), both representing Delaware County, have each introduced legislation regarding traffic flow, specifically aircraft flight patterns out of Philadelphia.

This is Sestak's contribution:

In his continued efforts to enhance Pennsylvania's transportation system, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Joe Sestak today announced legislation to require the Secretary of Transportation to assess the national transportation needs of this country and propose a national transportation plan across all modes of transportation. The Transportation Efficiency Act of 2009, will allow the Secretary to holistically evaluate the success, failure and needs of our national transportation system -- encompassing all surface transportation and aviation.

later in the same release
"One just has to look at the FAA's New York/ New Jersey/ Pennsylvania airspace redesign, specifically as it is being implemented at Philadelphia International Airport, to see that why the system needs improvement," Joe continued. "Too often decisions over the past twenty plus years have been made without enough consideration to other regions or modes of transportation. These type of national initiatives brought us the railroad networks of the late 1800's, the interstate system of the 1950's, and the airport networks of today. That is why I am introducing legislation so that we can refocus our national transportation planning, along with the proposals in the surface transportation reauthorization."

Lentz has been working on this for a couple of years now. He would like to see a regional air authority to redistribute air traffic among airports in the region. For more information see Brad Segall's brief article on the KYW Newsradio site ("State Rep. Lentz Has Big Plans For Area Airports and Trains") or a post from this blog

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