Thursday, December 10, 2009

Budget Rant: Groundhog Day Version

Thought the state budget was done? NO! It's still going on. State colleges and universities have not been funded.

"Wait," you say, "hasn't the legislature talked about the importance of increasing the number of college graduates in the state? Aren't there numerous press releases talking about the need to have community colleges work with local business and industry to make sure there is a pool of adequately trained workers?"

Yes, they have. And yet, when push comes to shove the legislature would rather push and shove each other in a game of king of the hill than actually do something useful.

I know kids in college who are worried they will have to drop out in their senior year because their aid is being held up. Or they'll have to pay for another year because the classes they need aren't being offered. Or programs are in danger. Pennsylvania has one veterinary school and it gets a lot of its funding from the state. Better hope the next Barbaro doesn't break a leg. Or we don't need additional research on rabies or deer ticks or feline leukemia or diabetes in pets.

Unfortunately it is hard to muster outrage when it so painfully and obviously clear that this is just business as usual in Harrisburg.

Next time your elected officials talk about how important education is to them, bring this up.

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