Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More on Murphy

While much of Southeastern Pennsylvania is sitting
down in front of the Eagles game, I’m sipping hot
cocoa (with marshmallows) out of my “I’m not Sy
Snyder” mug and looking over my notes from tonight’s
conference call.

Tonight’s guest was Patrick Murphy, Democratic
candidate for the 8th Pennsylvania Congressional
district. Yesterday I posted an email interview with
him. This was the first time I had actually spoken to

Earlier today Murphy posted his vision for bringing
our troops home from Iraq. You can read it here.

In addition, the law firm where he works, Cozen
O’Connor, has a program called Cozen soldiers to
encourage employees to write letters and send packages
to servicemen and women. The law firm picks up the

Not content to support the troops overseas, he has
also founded the Bucks County Veterans Committee to
raise money for families of those deployed. As
someone from a military family I can tell you that
mail and packages to soldiers and support personnel
far from home, and a kind word and deed to their
family stateside, does a world of good for morale.

He also touched on energy conservation and some
strategies for becoming more energy independent. This
impacts most people individually in choice of
automobile and heating costs.

His campaign is also geared toward community service.
He has developed MurphyCorps,
an opportunity for campaign volunteers to contribute to
the district in tangible ways. Each month Murphy leads
a group project. One month they cleaned up the grounds
of a YMCA. On Dec. 17th they will be volunteering on a
homebuilding project in Langhorne. All are welcome to

Murphy discussed the need for campaign finance reform.
Several million dollars will be spent in the 8th
district race and he thinks that money could be better
spent on community projects in the area.

Throughout the 50 minute call he showed the sincerity
and intelligence I have come to expect from him and
his campaign.

Any blogger reading this should seriously consider
joining in on some of these calls. Most are
coordinated by Chris at mydd; you can get his email
there and let him know you are interested. It is an
especially important opportunity for those who, like
me, have family concerns and can’t easily get out to
Drinking Liberally and other opportunities to meet

Thanks to Murphy for participating and Chris for coordinating.


WebGuy said...

It's kinda funny there's so much Snyder merchandise out there. Not that I would buy any, but the identity sure has been an itchy question in Harrisburg.

ACM said...

glad to hear the call went well. I wanted to take part, but was nodding off over my work all day, and thus pretty much certain I couldn't hold up my end (even attention, let alone contribution). hated to miss it though.

AboveAvgJane said...

It was a good conference call. I hope they do another one.