Thursday, December 01, 2005

Two Tales of Good Government

Two days in a row I picked up a paper to find a story of elected officials talking with constituents, working together and trying to pass laws that would make a positive difference in the lives of some of the voters (and not just the rich ones).

In the City Paper (11/24-12/01 issue) we find the story of Philadelphia city councilman being chatted up outside the dry cleaners by a reservist who asked him to consider offering property tax relief for those called up for active duty. Read about it here.

In today's Inky we find the story of Rep. Katie True working with varying interest groups across the state to hammer out a compromise to remove weapons from those charged with protection from abuse orders. Read about it here.

I don't know enough about either of these two to say whether or not they are always such stand up officials but, at least this week, they earned their pay.

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