Friday, November 07, 2008

PA in the WSJ 10/28-11/01

This is a list of articles regarding Pennsylvania in this week's Wall Street Journal. Chances are I missed something, but these are the articles that caught my eye.

It should be noted that I routinely do not read the editorials in the WSJ. So any discussions of the state, its elected officials, businesses, or citizens, in editorials will not be mentioned here.

PA Politicians

Congressman John Murtha is mentioned and quoted in “Boots on the ground or weapons in the sky?” by August Cole and Yochi J. Dreazen 10/31

Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler would not allow “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” posters on bus shelters; see “’Porno’ movie title stirs reaction,” by Lauren A. E. Schuker 10/30.

Kanjo shows up in two articles, both on 10/27: “Congress weighs forming special panel for overhaul of financial regulations,” by Brody Mullins and Elizabeth Williamson, and “Rescue plan chafes small banks,” by Elizabeth Williamson. Both mentions of Congressman Paul Kanjorski are due to his spot on the House Financial Services Committee and the subcommittee on capital markets.

“Gap narrows in Florida and Ohio, not Pennsylvania,” by Sara Murray 10/31

Pennsylvania is one of the states mentioned in “Rising tide of suits filed in search of political edge,” by June Kronholz 10/31

PA Businesses

Better Choice loan program in Pennsylvania mentioned in “Payday lenders back measures to unwind state restrictions,” by Easha Anand 10/28. The program provides funds to credit unions to offer loans with better terms than payday lenders.

In “More car dealers shut down,” by Kat Linebaugh 10/28, the closing of Wilkes-Barre Dodge is mentioned. Pennsylvania is third in the country of states with the most auto dealers, following California and Texas.

Other PA

“The Good news: the Phillies win; the bad news: the Phillies win,” by David Geffen 11/01 notes that when Philly sports teams win the economy tanks.

There is a PA mentions in “Economy forces college hopefuls to lower sights,” by Shelly Banjo 10/20. Kate Malboeuf, a senior at Nazareth Academy High School in Philadelphia is featured and quoted.

In “Playing the market, these kids are losing a lot of play money,” by Jennifer Levitz 10/29, Patricia Schoeniger, of EconomicsPennsylvania, is quoted.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is mentioned in “Hospitals seek to limit use of transfusions,” by Laura Landro 10/29

“Wild thing a baseball goat finds forgiveness in Philadelphia,” by Matthew Futterman 10/28, on Mitch Williams.

Wharton grad Kenneth Zeff is mentioned in “Opening new doors with a fellowship,” by Toddi Gutner 10/28

Other Interesting Tidbits

From “Banks owe billions to executives,” by Ellen E. Schultz 10/31:

Financial giants getting injections of federal cash owed their executives more than $40 billion for past years’ pay and pensions as of the end of 2007, a Wall Street Journal analysis shows.

Personally I don’t think this obligates us to pay them. I can think of companies who went belly up and decreased or ended their workers’s pensions. Goose. Gander.

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