Thursday, November 13, 2008

Community Bank Stock Update

Last spring I wrote a long post on community banks in Pennsylvania. Reading about the banking crisis made me wonder how our local banks are doing. The Pennsylvania Association of Community Banks has a list of member banks. I pulled the names of all the banks in Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, and then checked to see how many were traded on a stock exchange. There were nine that fit the criteria. Then I looked at those ticker symbols in The Motley Fool. Two banks on my list were not in MF so that left 7. Below you will find those seven banks, their ticker, the 52 week high and low (the high and low prices for the past year), and the current price as of close of trading today.

Abington Bank ABBC / $8.44 - $12.40 / $10.35

Harleysville National Bank & Trust Co. HNBC / $10.24 - $20.60 / $14.18

Bryn Mawr Trust Co BMTC / $16.13 - $28.21 / $19.01

Alliance Bank ALLB / $6.53 - $9.75 / $8.01

Beneficial Savings Bank BNCL / $8.73 - $14.64 / $11.85

Prudential Savings Bank PBIP / $8.32 - $13.00 / $10.00

Republic First Bank FRBK / $4.20 - $10.73 / $9.00

None of these banks are trading at their lowest price for the year and some are trading near the 52 week high. While the rest of the financial world is going someplace warm in a handbasket, local community banks seem to be holding their own. [Full Disclosure: My household owns a small amount of stock in one of these banks, which is one reason why I'm interested in the topic.]

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