Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Last Election Update Today

A few more notes before signing off to listen to Obama's speech:

Looks like Democrat Steve Santarsiero has won the 31st state house district (94.49% of statewide votes counted).

The 142nd seems to have switched from Democratic (Rep. Chris King) to Republican (Frank Farry), though it is close and more returns may switch it back.

In the 149th Democrat Tim Briggs is the clear winner.

In the 151st, freshman Democrat is ahead of Republican challenger Todd Stephens by around 425 votes, with over 32,000 votes recorded.

There is a similar situation in the 157th district, an open seat, with Democrat Paul Drucker ahead of Republican Guy Ciarrocchi, by 350 some votes, with over 30,000 votes recorded.


Anonymous said...

Jane, an upset in PAH-15, Biancucci loses to wingnut Republican Jim Christiana. The allegations of fiscal mismanagement of a non-profit Biancucci's wife was involved with probably contributed a lot to the defeat.

AboveAvgJane said...


Thanks for the update!