Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Morning Election Update

Mr. J went out to vote early, and was voter #35 in line at 6:56. When he left he said there were about 80 people line. A neighbor who voted around 8:00 said it took him about an hour to go through the process. After the traditional election day breakfast at IHOP, I went down around 10:00 and was voter #288. I counted 14 kids of varying ages (stroller through older elementary). It is always nice to see people bring their children out to vote with them, though in some cases (stroller especially) it is probably more necessity than educational. All of the Little Janes had the opportunity to push one or more buttons on the voting machines (closely supervised, of course).

The water / sewer upgrade issue was off in a corner and I had to look around for it.

As usual, voting is my area is a pseudo-block party where you catch up with people you haven't seen in a while and chat while in line or going into or out of the polls. I talked with someone I know through a community group. I also had a chance to schmooze someone who volunteers with an organization I need an intro to, so that was good. And I was schmoozed in return by someone looking for volunteers for another project.

Back home, I baked brownies for an election day bake sale at another polling place. After they cooled a little I ran them over and quizzed the bake sale ladies about turnout. They said it was mobbed when the polls opened but was quiet over the lunch hour.

Later this afternoon I'll snoop around some other polling places.

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