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PA in the WSJ 10/20-10/26

Almost caught up! Only a week behind now.

This is a list of articles regarding Pennsylvania in this week's Wall Street Journal. Chances are I missed something, but these are the articles that caught my eye.

It should be noted that I routinely do not read the editorials in the WSJ. So any discussions of the state, its elected officials, businesses, or citizens, in editorials will not be mentioned here.

PA Politicians

Kanjo does the honors. Rep. Paul Kanjorski is the subject of “Congressman, in tight election, puts his votes for rescue front and center,”by Sara Murray 10/20

Gov. Rendell is mentioned as ordering a statewide 4.25% cut in most departmental budgets in “States’ tax receipts fell sharply in latest quarter,” by Jesse Drucker 10/25. A photo of him accompanies the article.

McCain campaign hopes to exploit Obama’s weakness in Keystone Primary,” by Elizabeth Holmes 10/22

PA Businesses

Note from “Pollution credits let dumps double dip,” by Jeffrey Ball 10/20: “Over the past two years, landfills from Pennsylvania to North Dakota have started selling extra credits on the Chicago [Climate] exchange to profit from methane there were capturing anyway.” The first of these landfills was in Lancaster County, the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority. It sells the methane to a local power company who in part uses it to generate steam for Turkey Hill Dairy. From landfills to ice cream – what’s next!

Philadelphia private-equity firm Lubert-Adler partners is one of the partners featured in “Miami mogul plays buyer, seller,” by Jonathan Karp 10/22

“Comcast to crank up Internet speeds,” by Vishesh Kumar 10/23

“PNC buys National City in bank shakeout,” by Dan Fitzpatrick, David Enrich, and Damian Paletta 10/25

Other PA

Chadd’s Ford real estate agent John Bell is quoted in “Delinquencies mount for American Express,” by Robin Sidel 10/20

Wharton prof Olivia Mitchell is quoted in “Boomer bust: how will the economy rebound without post-war babies financing their Harleys?” by Joe White 10/21

Uniontown investment club, The Satin Bags, is featured in “Investment club weighs future amid turmoil,” by Clare Ansberry 10/21. Pittsburgh bank National City Corp is also mentioned.

Pittsburgh is the setting of “Retirees fret over investments,” by Clare Ansberry 10/21

A rare editorial included in this list: “Can Phillies fans embrace optimism,” by Allen Barra 10/21

That lifespan calculator developed in part by a Wharton prof, that I wrote about a few months ago is in the news again: “My so-called life span: expectancy calcuators falter,” by Carl Bialik 10/24

Pittsburgh gets a Nordstrom, in “For Nordstrom launch, business as usual – sort of,” by Kris Maher 10/25

Another PA-based editorial: “Pennsylvania is driving its doctors away,” by Frederic Jarrett 10/25

Evelyne Schuster of the Office of Medical Ethics at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center is quoted in “The Toughest Test” by Gautam Naik 10/25. The ARPKD / CHF Alliance of Kirkwood, PA is also mentioned.

Other Interesting Tidbits

“Executive pay curbs go global,” by Joann S. Lublin and Mike Esterl 10/21. Good.

“Money squeeze play bedevils Rays,” by Matthew Futterman 10/22. Tampa Bay Rays

This is interesting: “Bioplastics begin to get real,” by Anjali Cordeiro 10/22. One company uses corn sugar to make plastics. Can we entice one of those companies to come here to PA?

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