Sunday, September 24, 2006

PA in the WSJ

PA Politics

In “Wal-Mart to launch campaign urging its U.S. works to vote,” by Kris Hudson (9/20), we find these sentences, “In a press release announcing the effort, Wal-mart notes that it employs ‘a significant number of associates in states that play pivotal roles in national elections.’ Those include 94, 163 Wal-Mart employees in Florida; 49, 724 in Ohio, 47,904 in Pennsylvania; 17,273 in Iowa; and 7,993 in New Hampshire.”

In “The web-video factor,” by Peter Grant (9/21), we find this, “While no statistics are available on political videos on the Web, clearly the number is mushrooming. Debates of Senate races in most of the toss-up states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, and Virginia, have started to show up on Web sites of TV stations and on shows like NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’.” There is a quote from a Penn professor and a mention of Comcast carrying candidate statements or debates.

PA Businesses

Mention of Brian Tierney, et. al.’s recent purchase of the Philadelphia newspapers in “Tribune faces pressure to sell Los Angeles paper,” by Sarah Ellison (9/18).

Pennsylvania features prominently in “Shaking up the lineup: In minor-league affiliations, musical chairs has replaced baseball as game of the week,” by Russell Adams (9/20), the Phillies farm team’s moved from Scranton / Wilkes Barre (the Red Barons) to Allentown (with a year in between in Ontario). Scranton is looking at the possibility of having the Yankees farm team.

“Philadelphia Fed posts sharp drop in factory gauge,” by Rafael Gerena-Morales and Michael S. Derby (9/22) discusses a new report by the local fed. Extra bonus points for the region as noted here, “The Philadelphia fed report is widely viewed as a proxy for national manufacturing trends, and as such its decline raises questions about the health of the broader factory sector.”

The Philly Fed also features in “Investors finally break from calm; Dow drops 79.96,” by Michael Hudson and Serena Ng (9/22). Note: “Though it covers a narrow slice of the economy, the Philadelphia Fed index sometimes grabs the attention of investors because it is one of the earliest reads available on monthly economic activity.”

Other PA

In the special section on Top Business Schools (9/20), the business schools at the University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, and the University of Pittsburgh show up somewhere in the rankings. In an article on specialized masters degrees (“Is less enough” by Ronald Alsop), there is a mention of Lehigh University’s recent master’s of health and biopharmaceutical economics.

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