Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2006 Interview Series

Researching candidates and officials to compile questions for email interviews and reading the answers has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging for me this past year. Here is a list of interviews done in 2006 (two are actually from late 2005). A few question sets went out relatively recently and haven't come back yet but I put the list together anyway so people can read through the interviews before the elections if they want. Should the other interviews come in, I'll add them to the list, as well as post them separately.

Taking a look at the interviewees I note a few things. Joe Hoeffel was willing to go through the process twice. The candidates come from varying levels of government. There is one Republican in the bunch (John Featherman), and one woman (Valerie McDonald Roberts). Some of them contacted me and asked for an interview, some I contacted and offered. There are a few others I contacted who either declined or never responded.

It's a lot of work for both parties but I think they are useful and fun to do (at least for me). I hope to have another list for you next year, though it may be shorter since there aren't state elections in 2007.

Jeff Albert, 7/06, 12th state senate
Chris Casey, 8/06, 134th state house
Charles Dertinger, 7/06, 15th congressional district
John Featherman, 2/06, senate
Joe Hoeffel, 11/05
Joe Hoeffel, 4/06
Paul Lang, 3/06, 6th state senate
Bryan Lentz, 9/06, 161st state house
Patrick Murphy, 12/05, 8th congressional district
Mike Paston, 9/06, 152nd state house
Valerie McDonald Roberts, 4/06, lt governor
Russ Shade, 7/06, 183rd state house
David Slavick,8/06, 109th state house
Rick Taylor, 7/06, 151st state house


Unknown said...

Be glad to do it if you wish.

Chris Casey said...

I think you did all sides a service. Thanks again

AboveAvgJane said...

Casey, I'll reply off list. Chris, thanks for the comment. I'm glad you found it useful.

eRobin said...

Thanks for putting them all together like this.