Sunday, September 24, 2006

Gannon Joins Weldon in Slimy Tactics

There must be something in the water in Delaware County. Earlier this year incumbent Republican Rep. Curt Weldon (PA-07) criticized his Democratic opponent, Joe Sestak, for where he was taking his pre-school aged daughter for treatment of a brain tumor. Now incumbent state Rep. Tom Gannon (161st state house district) is slinging mud at his Democratic challenger, Bryan Lentz. In 2005, Lentz was hired by a summer camp when it was taken to court after one of it's counselors took three inappropriate photos of one of the children. According to the Inquirer, the counselor "pleaded guilty to a harassment charge and paid a $50 fine. He returned to South Korea.." ("Political ad 'despicable,' Lentz says" by Mari A. Schaefer, 9/22/06, full text here).

I have been aware of this event for several months, researched it as much as I could, and have had no qualms about supporting Lentz. (see Lentz press release here).

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