Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Too Many Kathleen Kanes

Kathleen Kane is one of two Democratic candidates vying for Attorney General.  According to her website she has worked in the Lackawanna County District Attorney's office.   I enjoy researching candidates and so tried to look into Ms. Kane's work.  Most of the articles I found about her as an assistant district attorney referred to her as Kathleen Granahan.  That is her birth name.  Fair enough.  Oddly, there was one 1999 article from the (Harrsiburg) Patriot-News which referenced a Lackawanna County attorney named Kathleen Kane who represented a woman charged with credit card fraud ("Across Pennsylvania," Oct 21, 1999).

Trying to sort this out I went to my favorite lawyer tracking site, www.martindale.com.  That database shows a Kathleen Kane in Philadelphia who graduated from Widener in 1993, a Kathleen A. Kane of Paoli who graduated from Villanova around 1991, and a Kathleen M. Granahan with a Philadelphia address who graduated from Temple Law School in 1993 (BS from University of Scranton).  The last entry matches the most closely with the background listed on Kathleen Kane's campaign site (www.kathleengkane.com).  But if she was part of the Lackawanna DA's office in 1999, who was the Kathleen Kane who decided the woman accused of credit card fraud?  Same person, different person?  There was a politcally connected Kathy Kane in the area but she isn't a lawyer.  Other than that I'm stumped.

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