Monday, October 10, 2011

Sleepy Hollow

There are several seasonal haunted house attractions in the area. I went out with a group to Active Acres Farm, located in Newtown (Bucks County). Their daytime activities are more family based (for younger children). After dark it gets scarier. There are three separate things to do, each with an entrance fee, but you can buy a combo ticket to all three. These can be intense and younger (pre-teen) kids might enjoy the daytime pumpkin patch, or a trip to a place like Merrymead Farm; otherwise bedtime might be tricky for the next few weeks.

Older kids and adults, however, will find the Sleepy Hollow Hayride, Haunted House, and Field of Fright fun and frightful. Some aspects can be a little intense so the faint of heart should find something else to do. Going in a group helps. On my own this would not necessarily be my cup of tea but with a bunch of friends and family it was fun. A few things to remember: You can't touch the actors but they can touch you (!), there are spooky things lurking in shadowy corners, and do not thing you are safe just because you are sitting in a wagon. On the other hand if you get lost one of the actors will give you directions on getting out.

It is a little pricey for a combo ticket but I was there for three hours and that was with no lines.

The farm is located very close to the new Washington Crossing Veterans Cemetery so I finally got a chance to at least drive past it.

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