Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Note on Posts About Leslie Richards

The Montgomery County Democrats have been sending out a weekly list of campaign events, which has allowed me to follow campaigns there more closely than in the other counties I cover. Before the election I wanted to put together a list of posts I've written about Leslie Richards, one of the candidates for county commissioner (people can vote for two commissioner candidates).

Here goes:
Leslie Richards's electoral history (vote percentages / totals of her township races)
quick look at Leslie Richards
Richards and Shapiro on "Comment Please" radio show
Campaign office openings

Richards, who resembles fashion editor Nina Garcia, works at a civil engineering firm and is knowledgeable about infrastructure (roads and bridges) and urban planning. She is on the Whitemarsh Township Board of Supervisors. She's the only county commissioner candidate who is not a lawyer. There is a lengthy biography of her on the county party website and also on the Shapiro Richards campaign website.

It's difficult to write a more personal post about Richards or a longer fact-based one. There isn't much in area newspapers or the internet about her. She's quiet and I'm quiet so it is hard to keep a conversation going for any length of time. It is a confident quiet though, not a shy quiet. I've asked her a variety of questions at events, on politics, the campaign, engineering, and so on. She's always had a good, sensible answer without a lot of flowery words or embellishment. She doesn't have the polished veneer that many candidates or elected officials do. You wouldn't get a lot of flash with Richards as a county commissioner, but you would get quiet, confident common sense.

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