Wednesday, October 26, 2011

D. Bruce Hanes, Montco Register of Wills

D. Bruce Hanes is running for re-election as Montgomery County’s Register of Wills.  This is the “hatch’em, match’em, and dispatch’em” office, as the Brits say.  The office handles petitions for adoption, marriage certificates, wills, probate, and inheritance taxes.   

On his campaign website he lists the positive changes made in the office:

My goal has been to bring the office into the 21st Century. One of my successes has been to increase computerization and electronic data management in the Register’s office. As an example, we introduced a new Electronic Docket Viewer in April of this year. This Viewer permits the user to see and print a screen shot if required of all of the entries on the Orphans’ Court docket. We have already begun a pilot program for electronic filing or e-filing in the Orphans’ Court.

Soon, we will make it possible for you to enter via the internet all of the data necessary to probate a will or apply for letters of administration. All that will be necessary in Norristown will be for you to sign the documents, swear the oath, and pick up your copies.

Something he doesn't mention is that he kept the office open late on Valentine's Day in case couples wanted to get a marriage license but couldn't get there during office hours.  

Hanes is an Army veteran.  Early in his law career he served as an Assistant Attorney General and then moved to private practice, focusing on wills, estates, and real estate law.  In 1987 he took on a Philadelphia towing company.  Hanes is active in the community and is an amateur Civil War historian.


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